Running Update

I got up early to run through neighborhoods around my house. It was a good run, with the exception that my iPod croaked about 15 minutes into the run. I’m seriously not quite sure what’s up with my iPod. It’s a 3rd generation Nano, sometimes it just decides it’s had enough of me for one day and just locks up. Or the battery drains in a matter of moments. If this keeps happening, Apple’s going to be hearing from me! (What a scary threat, huh?)

I did my usual running at Fleet Feet in the evening, but it was hot. It was 90 degrees, which isn’t even as hot as it will get in a while. I just felt drained and I had to walk a few times. At first I was a little annoyed with myself for this, but that’s not right to be so harsh on myself. It’s only natural that an evening run would be harder after I’ve worked the whole day. And when you add in heat, it’s pretty understandable that I’m going to feel tired. I still kept a pretty good pace, which truthfully is about a minute faster than what I averaged all last summer during these runs. So I’m going to do what feels right by me and I’m not going to treat Tuesday night runs as anything more than an easy social hour with my friends.

This morning I felt a brief moment of chilliness when I stepped out of my house in my tank top and shorts. That’s a good thing at this time of year. I rapidly warmed up once I started running though. I just enjoyed my time listening to a podcast and feeling the freedom that comes from being able to move. I did have one bummer moment… I was going to do a loop around my neighborhood at the end with the Stride Rate finder from HellaSound, but for some reason the file didn’t copy onto my iPod correctly. (I’m blaming the flaky iPod, not HellaSound.) So I didn’t get the chance to use the Stride Rate finder like I’d planned. Bummer…

How has your running been this week?


  1. My running has been much better this week than last week. I ran 8 on Monday, and then tapered the rest of the week for a race tomorrow. Yesterday’s and today’s runs were awesome. I love this time of year.

    • Tuesday nights, I’ll still be running at 7:00 PM in the terrible heat! But
      weekday mornings I usually try to run around 4:30 or 5:00 AM and weekends at
      5:00 or 6:00 AM.

      Hmm… I don’t know if I’m glad to hear that about your nano or not. On one
      side, it means that perhaps I’m not an isolated incident with a dud, but on
      the other side it means that more people beyond me have to deal with flaky

  2. 4:30 or 5:00 am! good lord! …i was once that dedicated, now i am kind of lazy. my running this week has been almost non-existent. i’m trying to justify it by saying i can have a good week off (almost completely) as a break before my next training plan… sigh. glad your running is going well!

    • Last year I started training for a marathon right at the end of May, so I had to run at 4:30 to avoid the heat. Unless I get a race on the agenda soon, I’m afraid my dedication would flag. I could do the treadmill, except my treadmill scares me!

      And you are justified in taking a break before your next plan… it should help you feel even more refreshed!

  3. Crikey, I just saw this! I wonder what happened with the Stride Rate Finder MP3. It’s just a run-of-the-mill MP3 file–nothing fancy or exotic. Hit me up and I can try to help you troubleshoot this.

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