Monday Motivation

A while back I wrote about how music can be a motivating factor for workouts. One of the sites I referenced was HellaSound.

John, the founder of the site commented and mentioned a new mix they’ve got for “How to Turn Around a Bad Day“. It’s 30 minutes and you can download it in several different tempos to match your stride rate. How cool is that?

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to download the Stride Rate Finder they provide so I can find the right one for me.

If you’re interested in trying out their products, I have a discount code for you to use, good for $1 off. That makes the track only $4!

Expires: May 31, 2009

Seems like a pretty affordable item to have in your arsenal to help you make it out the door on the days when you’re feeling a little less than motivated!


  1. very cool! i’d be all over this if i ran w/ music, but i don’t. will give you a shoutout ’cause i know some people who do run with music though!

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