Busy & Warming

Whew… my life has been so busy lately and this blog is suffering at the hands of that some. I’ll try to play some catch-up this weekend. It’s just hard when you start working really early every morning and then are booked clear into the evening. The final 1.5 hours of the day that aren’t completely filled are usually spent visiting with my husband as opposed to blogging and commenting.

Yesterday I did take the day off work. I needed some time to sort through my brain and feel a little more collected. Also, I have a ton of vacation to use before the end of my work’s fiscal year on June 30.

I woke up in the morning and had to go have some blood drawn, so I couldn’t eat breakfast before doing that. On my way home, I noticed how beautiful the day was. The wind had died down (FINALLY), the sky was clear and the temperature was about 58° at the time. I really wanted to go running. But I didn’t think it would be smart to run on a completely empty stomach, especially after I’d just had 3 or 4 vials of blood taken away from me. Not as much as donating blood, but still probably not the best pre-run formula.

So I ate morning oatmeal, took care of a few personal errands and then headed out for a run about 10:30 AM. I decided I wanted to run on a certain road that I had never been down before near my house. I didn’t map it out before hand so I didn’t know exactly how long the run was, my plan was just to explore. (I’m really loving this lately, it’s so relaxing!)

I ran down a road near my house that I’ve run countless times before and then made the turn onto the “new” road. It was such a nice street. Not very busy, a big bicycle lane on the side so I could run on road instead of sidewalks, plenty of palm trees lining the way and a couple small parks along the way. The road is mostly turn-ins to various gated communities, so there wasn’t as much potential for loose dogs (since they’re probably loose inside the neighborhood!) which I was grateful for after being jumped by the dumb poodle on my last exploration.

When I reached the intersection of another big road, the Garmin displayed that I had run 2.5 miles and I decided to turn back. I hadn’t planned on running very far during the day and the sun was really beating down on me. It wasn’t too uncomfortable (like running in the middle of the day during the summer would be), but I was definitely feeling the effects of the heat. It also made me realize that I need to make sure I have an electrolyte beverage on runs now. I usually don’t concern myself with that too much on shorter runs, but as it heats up it becomes more necessary (as evidenced by salt crusting).

The winds also started kicking up again during my run. This is getting ridiculous, we’ve had so many days filled with 50-60 mph wind gusts lately. Those conditions are not conducive to; staying on your feet while running, running in a straight line, not looking like a drunk while running.

The only really rough thing about the run was the uphill at the end… but I should be used to that. Based on where I live I have to end every run on a slight incline. It was just particularly hard at this moment since I was so warm.

I ended up running 5.05 miles, which felt like such a treat since I’ve been finding it so hard to fit time into my weekdays.

On Tuesday night I did my normal run at the Fleet Feet store… the winds were kicking up a lot of allergens and the whole group seemed pretty beat up by the end of the run. Everybody was experiencing runny noses, watery eyes, trouble breathing… it was AWESOME. Actually, it was still a good time.

I promise, I’ll do better with the site soon. I’ve got product reviews and questions for you!


  1. Ahhh, running by palm trees sounds so nice. However, I don’t think I could ever handle running in the summer where you are. I’m not a good heat runner

    • Sunscreen is the big thing I need to remember now. I ran out of the spray-on sport sunblock that I had and need to get more. Or find a different kind, since I never liked the variety that I had. But I totally forgot to put sunblock on yesterday. I didn’t get burnt, but I realized later that I had forgotten and that was probably pretty foolish.

      Thanks for including a link to your blog in your comment, I’m checking it out now!

  2. I love the climate controlled runs…
    But when I am outdoors, I prefer to run in the 52-68 degree area. Anything hotter than that just drives me crazy. Va Beach Half Marathon reached the high 80s this year. That was brutal.

  3. sounds like a good run – warm weather and palm trees, yum! πŸ™‚ glad you didn’t get lost on your non-mapped exploration run.

    hope you are able to get things done and have time to relax this weekend!

  4. What is up with the winds near you? That’s insane – you are tiny and 50 mph winds would blow you all over the place!! I like finding new routes too – like you, a lot of mine are through neighborhoods. Except for this past week in D.C., that was such a nice break!

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