Clif Shot Bloks Improve Packaging

Clif Shot Bloks new FastPak

I thought this was a cool improvement on a product and wanted to share it with all of you.

Clif Shot Bloks used to come in a big pouch-like package. That always seemed incredibly inconvenient to me, lots of extra packaging and space to carry fuel for a long run.

Last month I learned that they were changing the packaging and now that packaging is available for purchase. They’re calling it their new FastPak. It keeps the bloks all in a row and is a much slimmer profile. Each pak holds 6 bloks, so that is about 200 calories of fuel right there.

I haven’t tried consuming Shot Bloks during a run, but with this new style of packaging, I may give it a try someday. I do like that they’re organic and the ingredients are easily recognizable!


  1. I love Clif’s product line (especially Luna) but those bloks are an absolutely ridiculous size! The packaging is an improvement for sure! But moreso if the bloks are smaller than egg πŸ˜‰

  2. I agree that they are way too big. I like the taste etc., but I have to take little bites off them and carry it around for a while (I don’t stop when I eat). Luna makes one that is a more manageable size, but they are hard to find. I’m with lvgirl, Luna is my favorite! I eat at least one Luna bar a day.

    I am glad for the new packaging. What I had done with them is cut the package open across the top with scissors and put them in the pocket of my fuel belt. BUT, don’t make the mistake of grabbing a salt package from a volunteer and stash it in the same pocket. ICK! That’s what I did during the marathon.

    thanks for the update.

  3. Yep, that was a very needed change. I’ve tried them, and they just didn’t agree with me, unfortunately!

  4. Thanks for this update on the packaging–I had no idea they were even changing it even though it definitely needed to be redone. I’m with Lisa; I love the taste of the shot blocks but have a hard time dealing with them during a run. Chewing while running is really uncomfortable to me, especially when it is something as big and chewy as a shot block. I wish they would change the size and consistency of the blocks a little bit to go along with the packaging change!

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