Product Review: Action Wipes

I usually carry a pack of generic face wash wipes with me in my run bag when I go running with friends. This way I can wipe my face down after runs, especially long outings, getting rid of the salty, crusty buildup. Often these wipes seem like they are either too scratchy or they get dried out before I have managed to scrub all the sweat residue off my face.

Action Wipes (from

Enter Action Wipes… I was introduced to this product, have tried the wipes a few times and am really impressed so far. The wipes are a pretty good size, larger than the typical facial cleansing cloth. They are made with natural ingredients, including tea tree oil with is a proven antiseptic. The cloths are safe for sensitive skin and are multi-functional: cleaning, deodorizing, muscle and joint soother, sunburn relief, etc. Plus the cloth is made to be washed in the machine, so you can repurpose it (household dusting maybe?) and save them from ending up in the landfill.

I passed out the remainder of my initial pack to my friends after the Las Vegas Half Marathon and they were all happy with them as well. Like me, they’re conscious of not using too many foreign chemicals in their day-to-day life so this product appealed to that need.

Runner’s World had an article in their latest issue (January 2009) about how a mid-day run can improve your focus and productivity. It also recommended that if you do slip out for a run during work, you keep some items on hand: baby wipes, deodorant, soap, comb, etc.) Personally I think these would be a better option than the baby wipes, they’re made for athletes and I would rather smell like these than a baby wipe!

Book Bonus: Action Wipes is sponsoring a free e-book download and would like people to know about this opportunity to read a 50-page sample of ‘Bike to Work: Burn Calories, Not Gas‘ by Tim Grohl and Carlton Reid. Check it out!



  1. I’m sorry. I….can’t get past the name.

    Probably because the term WIPES means something else since I’ve had small children in my house for 4 1/2 years ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. LVGurl: Your comment made me laugh out loud, it’s true… the term WIPES does bring up different visuals. An alternative product I was using to clean-up after runs were called “cleansing pads”, where PADS could also bring up some unappealing thoughts. I should look at a thesaurus and see what other synonyms would be equally unappealing in this case!

  3. I think my mom reads your blog! She told me yesterday that she went to the running store to pick up a christmas present for me and asked them if they had any action wipes for a stocking stuffer. They’d never heard of them. I laughed when she told me that!

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