TNT Group Run #17

I woke up around 3:30 AM today and stumbled to the kitchen to eat my oatmeal (I eat Archer Farms Organic Multigrain Cereal before long runs. Oatmeal is soft, thus it doesn’t upset my stomach before a long run.) As I was eating I could hear the wind blowing outside, I was a little scared to look out there because I didn’t want the weather to persuade me to stay indoors!

In all honesty, I don’t think I could allow myself to blow off the run… I’m far too dedicated to this training and cause. Too many people have donated to my fundraising and I can’t let them down. Or let myself down.

I got dressed, gathered my things together and headed out the door to drive across town for our run. We had 12 miles on the schedule today, for both the Nike Team and the San Antonio team. This will be our last week running similar distances together, it’s kind of sad. It was cloudy, dark, windy and drizzly out this morning, but once we got moving it felt pretty good. I felt like I was running a little slower than I wanted to at times, but it’s good to slow down a little on these training runs. Hopefully that means I’ll have an extra kick in me come marathon day. (Plus, if I look at my Nike+ stats I wasn’t really running too slow.)

I finished the run feeling strong, my knee has been pretty happy these past few weeks with a new brace. I still have a wound on my back from last week’s run, so I wore a different hydration belt. It had pros and cons, but at least I was able to stay hydrated! The backs of my legs were covered in a lovely mist of black road dirt from running on wet roads this morning and when I took my shoes/socks off I discovered that my left big toenail is turning blue. I hope I don’t lose a toenail. That would be kind of gross… it can turn black, just as long as it doesn’t fall off.

But the best part of the run was when I finished, was back in my car and checked my cell phone to see if I had any e-mails. Sure enough, there was one informing me that I had received a very generous donation on behalf of Chill Towels. It brought tears to my eyes a little, I was so touched and excited by that donation. It was wholly unexpected and the perfect way to end my run.

While I still have a ways to go in my fundraising, I now only have around $700 left which is a huge burden off my shoulders. I was getting very fearful that I would end up paying the remainder out of pocket but I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. If I could just knock out that last bit, then my last 18 and 20 mile runs will feel that much easier!

One last thing, I want to wish Terri from Middle of the Pack Girl good luck as she runs the Peak Performance Marathon in Portland, Maine tomorrow with Team In Training. You can do it… Go Team!


  1. How cool of Chill Towels to follow through with that! I’m glad the fundraising is going better for you.

    You certainly are a dedicated runner. It encourages me to listen to you and all the othes who just keep knocking out all these long distances week after week.

  2. Karen: I’m glad I can encourage you. It’s inspiring to me to have a whole network of running bloggers as well. We can all keep each other’s spirits up!

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