Slower is not Weak

After having to bail out of Saturday’s run early, I was a little shaken and upset. I felt like I was failing somehow. Who I was failing I am not entirely sure, but I couldn’t get rid of the gloomy feeling that hung over me. I have been doing really well with my running lately, my speed and endurance have been improving immensely and I was getting a little… well, cocky.

I didn’t run on Monday, I held back to rest a little. And then on Tuesday night I promised myself I would take it a little easier. I was afraid that I would be running by myself because I would be too slow for the group, since Tuesday nights I usually run with friends. But that wasn’t the case, we maintained a perfectly manageable and respectable pace.

This morning’s run I ran a little bit slower than I have over the past few weeks as well. I covered about 4.6 miles in 45 minutes, certainly not a pace to be ashamed of and it is so much better than what I was able to do when I started running.

I just want to make sure I am able to do my whole 18 mile run this weekend and I want to feel good during the run. From what I understand the course shouldn’t be too hilly, which is what really killed me on Saturday.

So the bad things about the run this weekend are:
1) The fact that it starts at 4:15 AM at a town about 35 miles away from Las Vegas, so I have to wake at a really insane hour.
2) The mental roadblock I’ve got going on right now about how capable I am.

Wish me luck!


  1. Are you running in Prymm or Henderson? If you are, you should invite your hubby for a sleep over in some nice hotel nearer to the run. After the run you could go right back to the hotel for some more sleep.

  2. You are capable! Look how far you have come (or how far I’m assuming you have come since I just started reading your blog thanks to Bethany). There’s always that time when you won’t be feeling quite up to running, but think about how incredible you’ll feel, mentally and physically, after you finish your 18. You’re going to do great!

  3. Stub: The run is in Jean, which is basically Primm. Henderson runs are a little bit of a pain to drive to, but not nearly as far as Jean!

    Sara: Thank you for the encouragement. I appreciate that, it helps to pump me up for Saturday!

  4. Jill—-you should NOT be worried about your capability! You’ve already done a marathon before AND the runs you’ ve completed have been phenomenal! Listening to your body on Saturday was a GOOD thing….it wasn’t bailing.

    Run, Jill, Run!

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