TNT Group Run #14

Today our run took place at 4:45 AM at a park in Henderson, which was unfortunately 37 miles away from my house (according to trusty ol’ Google maps). So that meant planning a little extra time to make sure I got there on time. Of course, I was prompt and everyone else was late so the extra time didn’t matter.

In my TNT group, part of the people were training for the Nike Women’s Marathon and part of us for the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll. Now that recommittment is out of the way, the majority of those that are left are committed to Nike (probably because you get a Tiffany necklace instead of a finisher’s medal – I’m so doing that race someday!). And since the Nike race is a month before the San Antonio race, this is the point where our training schedules start to split. We all still start at the same place, but different people will have to cover different distances.

But my little group of pals were all running the San Antonio schedule, with the exception of John. It felt kind of mean to be finishing our run after 13 miles and he had to continue on alone for another 5 miles to complete his 18.

So yes, we did 13 miles today. And I managed to finish the run about 12 minutes faster than I finished my half-marathon earlier this summer. Awesome! True, this wasn’t quite the full 13.1 distance that makes up a half-marathon, but I seriously doubt I need 12 minutes to cover .1 mile. So I hope this means I have some new half-marathon PR’s in my future.

After the run Melinda, Jim and I went to Donna’s (all fellow runners & TNTers) house, where her husband was cooking up some yummy breakfast for us. So we had crepes with fresh strawberries and bananas and moose sausage. Yep, you read that right. I got my protein fix by way of MOOSE meat. It’s only appropriate since we are constantly yelling out “Moose Leg!” to warn others of debris in the road after seeing Dean Karnazes’ movie. I also got to try banana ketchup, which tasted surprisingly similar to regular tomato ketchup.

Now I desperately need a nap, but because I overextend myself I’m going to run errands. It’s okay because there’s no way I could ever get sleep. My husband is very, very noisy while watching football. He startles me even while I’m awake and sitting here typing with his loud cheering, clapping and yelling.


  1. I think the PR was due to your “lucky” green socks!! Just kidding…great work today friend. Today’s course was not the easiest, so you deserve kudos. Oh and Moose Meat….yummy. :0)

  2. Sounds like that extra day off did some good (you did take it off didn’t you?) Congrats on the speedy finish! Moosemeat huh? You are more adventurous than me!

  3. Sloanie: You’re totally right, the lucky green socks kicked us into gear. We gotta get everybody else running in them!

    180/360: I still think it’s awesome how commonplace moose meat is in Alaska yet it’s soooo foreign to most of us in the lower 48!

    Alissa: I think you’re right, the extra day was helpful. I took my Nike+ out for a quick calibration, but overall I did rest. Thanks for the encouragement! And the adventuresome food sampling is something that has been a little recent in my life, I was the pickiest kid and now I’m branching out. I tried escargot earlier this year!

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