Higher Ground

On Monday, the day after the half-marathon, I did a short 1.5 mile run on my treadmill. I knew I wanted to get some movement in, but I also knew there was no way I was going to get up super early to run after the exhausting day before. I also knew I didn’t have a lot of time to do a workout since I had to work a full day and then drive to Utah to work for the rest of the week. So the short treadmill run was the solution.

Today I went to a track and calibrated my Nike+. After that I ran 3 miles around the track and it felt pretty hard. I don’t know if that was due to residual fatigue from the weekend, being at a higher altitude, or the fact that I had to sit through hours of “Harassment Prevention Training” at work today. I’m blaming the training. But after the 3 miles I walked a couple more laps around the track with my mom, so I really did cover nearly 4 miles tonight.

After the run today I did my Yoga for Runners routine and it felt soooo good. I didn’t do it after the ET run or after yesterday’s short run. Both times I finished running and then proceeded to sit in a vehicle for a couple hours. Not really the best plan. All day today my legs felt tight and a little tingly at times. But getting a pretty good run and then some nice stretching accomplished has made all the difference in how I feel now.

Hundred Push-up Challenge:
Week 5, Day 1: 30, 24, 22, 20, 31 = 127
Um… I’m repeating the week again. I think I’m just scared of Week 6. But I didn’t get the chance to do the exhaustion test with all the weekend’s festivities and it’s still really hard to do so many push-ups. I would have died if I had to repeat something in school over and over like this, but for some reason I don’t mind repeating the push-up challenge week. I can feel myself getting stronger each time and I am really just competing against myself anyway. I can flunk myself if I want.

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