Tired Run

Last night’s run felt draining. At the end I was happy I did it, but for some reason every single step for that 30 minutes felt like extra effort. These are possible reasons why I felt so sluggish, whether it was just one of them or all of them combined that made me have a less-than-desirable run (because I refuse to say that any run is a BAD run!) is still up for debate.

  • Working about 10 hours straight during the day. I barely took any time out to consume lunch and just kept pounding through projects. I didn’t even realize just how long I’d been working until Workrave (a program on my computer that encourages me to move at regular intervals) started yelling at me that I’d worked too many consecutive hours. I have it set to warn me of this after 10 hours and had to dismiss the warning a couple times before I could close down for the day. Guess taking some time away really makes the workload heavier.
  • Visiting a chiropractor the day before. My doctor told me that having pain in my knee is just something I would have to deal with or that I should just quit running because that’s a “crazy sport” for “someone your age”. I have a friend who is a Certified Sports Chiropractic Physician AND a multiple-marathoner/triathlete and decided to see what she could do for me. Turns out my hips aren’t level and that could be the cause of joint paint. Having the very first adjustment the day before a run may have influenced my power and agility. But hopefully I will see an improvement in the long-term.
  • Getting yelled at by a beastly woman in the parking lot at Fleet Feet right before the run. She parked next to me, right on the line. I didn’t realize how close she was and when I opened my car door I barely tapped her car. Light, gentle tap… Yet she still felt the need to get out of her car and scream a bunch of obscenities at me about how careless I was and that if I dented her (crappy 93ish Accord) car she was coming after me. That’s the first time I’ve truly felt threatened by another human being in a public place. I should have pepper sprayed her! 😉

Whatever the case, I’m putting that behind me and I’m moving forward with a positive attitude. Because even if there was a day that didn’t feel 100% right, overall I still need the regular running. And that keeps me getting up and out the door each day.

Hundred Push-Up Challenge:
Week 4, Day 2 – 22, 17, 17, 15, 23 = 94


  1. It’s kind of scary that there are people out there that are like that. I commend you for not losing your temper back on her. And if she parked on the line, then it’s her own fault if when you opened your door it lightly touched hers.

    What’s this comment of your chiropractor “for your age?!” What is with some people these days that they feel it’s appropriate to say something like that? I just don’t get it somedays.

    I’ve also found that on those days that I don’t take a break, it is hard to keep going. You are much more positive than me – if it’s a crappy run, I call it a crappy run. (I try to censor myself on my blog from calling it the expletives usually going through my mind.) ;-(

  2. tgorourke: It was my regular MD that made the age crack, that’s why I’m going to a chiro that appreciates sports! It isn’t right to make comments like that, even if the person thinks they’re being funny. It made me question his skill and knowledge.

    And yeah, mean people that jump all over a perfect stranger suck. I was smiling and friendly too until she started screaming at me.

  3. I STILL need to visit Donna. It must be done.

    The week before my tri, my endocrinologist asked me “why anyone would want to do THAT” (meaning a triathlon) to their bodies. I think he was referring to a full Ironman, but still…

    I have a story to tell you someday about a nasty lady last year in the Starbucks drive-thru. I am amazed at how terrible women (let alone PEOPLE) can be to one another.

  4. LVGurl: Yeah, you need to get into Donna. She’ll make you hurt like hell at first, but it actually helps. And the pain is fleeting, especially if you ice after. I love visiting her (for more than just the fact that she’s an awesome person).

    Oooh… I can’t wait to hear the Starbucks story. Some people are amazingly awful.

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