We’re under an “excessive heat warning” here in Vegas right now. (Usually issued whenever temperatures top 110°.) Combining the high heat with an injury prevention clinic tonight, the Tuesday evening run with friends wasn’t going to happen today. And since I was so tired last night, I knew I didn’t want to wake up to run at 4:30 today either. So what was I left with? A lunch time run on the treadmill.

Tired and fatigued, I made myself get on the treadmill to do the run. I pushed it pretty hard for 30 minutes (hard by my standards). I was drenched at the end, but I felt happy, strong and accomplished. And then I looked at my watch…

100 calories burned…
Average HR 60% of max…

Hmmm… there’s no way that’s right. That pretty much confirmed what I suspected throughout most of the run, the cheapo spaghetti-strap sports bra from Target was definitely pushing and moving the HR monitor out of place. Oh well, those things work swell for yoga practice, but not so much for running.

So today, I can’t base my running satisfaction on numbers… just on the fact that I feel good and have reclaimed some of my lacking energy.


  1. I know those excessive heat warnings all to well. Don’t worry about the falty heart monitor. If you ran for 30 minutes that should be around 300 calories. Good job on the lunch run!

  2. That’s really weird about the heart rate monitor! Try making the chest strap super tight… mine doesn’t budge, even when swimming. But I have it cranked-the-heck down around my chest, though. It’s the first thing I rip off when I get to the car 😉

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