Nutrition Clinic

Last night we had a Nutrition Clinic sponsored by TNT. The speaker was a guy who is a Registered Dietitian and is one of the only certified sports-nutritionists in the area. It was kind of interesting to hear his perspective on things. Many of the items didn’t feel like they were anything new to me, I had heard/read/researched a lot of them. But it’s always nice to have the messages about hydration/electrolytes/recovery pounded into the brain.

I did learn that just because I have salty-sweat doesn’t mean that I am necessarily deficient in anything, but it does mean that I just need to take care to include more sodium in my diet.

I also learned that due to my size, I need to consume about 30g of carbohydrate per hour of exercise. So that means roughly 120 calories, give or take based on how I feel.

Plus a simple formula to see if you are staying properly hydrated during your run is to weigh yourself naked before then run and then after the run. A loss of just 2% of your overall body weight can start to have negative effects on your performance, meaning you need to hydrate better. Of course, that’s also assuming that you are not going into the run pre-dehydrated.

The run this morning was on the treadmill. I find that doing a 4:1 run/walk schedule on the treadmill kind of hurts my knees. But if I just drop the treadmill down to 5.0 mph for those 1 minute “walk” breaks and do a slow jog, my knees feel fine. I did feel a little sick (yet again) while running, so my run wasn’t as great as I would have hoped, but overall it was pretty decent.

Hundred Push-up Challenge:
Week 3, Day 2 – 16, 14, 14, 12, 16 = 72
(Yesterday’s numbers)


  1. ah, I’ve tagged you too!

    Do you have any idea what’s making you feel sick while running? I’ve been having some of the same lately – I also have the same problem of salty sweat, I think.

  2. Terri: No, I don’t know exactly what’s making me sick. I went to the doctor the other day where they drew copious amounts of blood and are doing a battery of tests. I will hopefully have some results soon, but they were throwing around words like “parasites” and “viruses”, which might be something I picked up on my trip to Mexico a few weeks ago.

    As for the salty sweat, other than the annoyance of having crusty build-up, at least it isn’t an indication of a problem! It just means we have to consume more sodium!

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