No need for a warm-up today, it was HOT HOT HOT out there! I met up with some of my fellow TNTer’s this evening for jaunt through the 108° weather. Really need to keep the fluids going when it’s like that.

I was in a bad mood before the run. I was annoyed because my car battery died and I had to call roadside assistance to get it jumped. I was frustrated because my cell phone was canceled this morning (I need to get a new one, pronto!) so I had a brief moment of panic when I couldn’t figure out what you do when there is a problem. It just took me a moment to remember that there was once a day where people didn’t have phones on themselves at all times, duh!

My husband was pretty insistent that I get out to do the run. I think he encouraged it for two reasons:
1) He was thinking of my well-being, he knew that I would feel better after the run and that I would probably beat myself up for skipping.
2) He was thinking of his own well-being, he knew that he didn’t want to deal with my anger and wrath if my bad mood continued throughout the night.

We did about 4 miles tonight. One of the runners in our group has a Garmin 305 and she said we were doing about a 9:20 pace, which surprised me. Pleasant surprise! I assumed that because of the heat we were moving pretty sluggishly.

Just once again, a testament to the power of a good run. No matter how bad you feel before, it can usually perk you up and it’s always worth it in the end. Now I just need to get over these pre-run “blahs” I’ve been feeling this week.


  1. I just have one thing to say. You must be wonder woman. I can not imagine how you can run when it is 108 degrees. I went down to St. George today and it was 111. I could hardly stand to breathe in that hot air. Just walking from the car to the store made me feel like I was breathing fire. You know, a fire breathing dragonstub 🙂 Guess that’s why I like Alaska so much. Any way, I enjoy reading about your training even if it makes me tired just to think about it. Way to go.


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