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Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black…

Wasn’t that one of those typical jump rope rhymes that little girls sing? I honestly can’t remember any of those types of things from my childhood other than those lines and I don’t remember when they were used. I’m pretty sure it was with skipping rope.

I loved jumping rope when I was a kid, that I do remember. I could never do double-dutch and I was always slightly scared I’d trip and fall when running into the jump rope when others were twirling it. But solo jumping? That I could do.

I was sent the book Ultimate Jump Rope Workouts and while the authors are a couple of guys who extol the virtues of jumping rope for just about any sport, in my mind I’m going to think of it as a little girl revisiting her childhood. With a little bit more focused approach.

Ultimate Jump Rope Workouts

I’m super excited to try the workouts in this book. So excited that I ordered a jump rope from Amazon. Of course, you can start off by shadow jumping (aka pretending to jump rope) which is what I will do. But I have my jump rope in my arsenal now!

Altus Jump Rope

Jump rope workouts can have a huge impact in just 10-15 minutes too. So while my co-workers go take a 15 minute break, I can do a jump rope workout or something like that. Just one more thing to get me out of my desk chair and make me a more well-rounded runner!

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