Is This Real Life?

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I’m in a fog… no, it’s not a dental-work induced fog. It’s far less funny.

All last week I would head over to my new house right after I finished my regular day job to do chores/tasks/duties around the house. Moving smaller items, painting, clean-up, meeting with service people, etc. On Friday my hubby and I each took the day off work to prep for the big move on Saturday.

Moving Day 2011
At least I didn't have to drive the truck, my hubby took care of that!

Early Saturday morning I missed Team Challenge training (and our midway/recommittment party – sad…) so we could pick up a U-Haul and fill it with our belongings.

Several of my husband’s co-workers came to help us load all the big & heavy furnishings into the truck and unload them into the new house. I seriously owe them a lot… if we ever move again, I just want to use a moving company. Then again, if we move again I will probably plan a little better. Since we were moving to a new house just 2 miles away from our other house, I was really scattered in packing… loading boxes to overflowing, haphazard placement of things, small trips back and forth… scattered.

The weekend left me feeling shredded, worse than I have after doing a marathon. In fact, I even bonked during this process.  There is evidence of it here:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/jillwillrun/status/125035123715481605″]

I also iMessage’d my hubby at that time and told him to bring me some sugar.  He was packing at the other house, I was working in the new house with ZERO food anywhere.  He showed up a little bit later to take me to Lowe’s to buy a new paint roller and some mallowcreme pumpkins.  That’s what I needed to make it through a little bit more work.

My whole body is sore. The large muscles in my legs, backs and arms are sore, but I also have sore muscles in my feet from climbing up and down a ladder and tiny muscles in my hands are sore from painting.  The skin on my hands is dried and cracked from repeated paint supply washing and scrubbing cabinets.  My knees are sore from crawling along the carpet while painting baseboards.  My nose keeps bleeding from all the dust I’ve been inhaling.  I wrote this on Facebook and I’ll repeat it here… moving is no joke!

Especially when you try to do much of it yourself.

I’m no good at asking for help.  I know I need to ask for help more, but I just have a hard time with it… “Hey, do you want to come mop a floor?”  “Do you want to come paint a room for me?” “Do you want to hang some curtains for me?”  “Do you want to install a ceiling fan (or four)?” “Do you want to fix that broken toilet in my spare bathroom?”  Those just don’t feel like things I can reach out and ask people for!

I ran a little last week… about 9 miles total.  I was planning on doing a 9 mile long run, but I did the first 4.5 mile loop and when I was stopping to drop Jade off at home, I just couldn’t continue.  Not when I knew I was already aching and that I had more painting to do.

I’m happy to have a new home.  I’m a little scared about renting out our other home, worried that it won’t rent out fast enough or that renters will trash it and that will make me sad.  I’m overwhelmed when looking at the piles of stuff around the house.

But it’s all for good… Someday I will be comfortable again and back to training regularly.  For now, I’m just going to try to get out for a run sometime this week!
Sitting at my desk...

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