I Want: Dreams in Action Running Camp

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I think it would be amazing to attend a running camp. It would just be cool to have time devoted to focusing on improving my running and fitness, plus it seems like it would be a nice mental escape from the day-to-day grind.

I’ve been interested in attending a ChiRunning clinic for quite some time. (I should really post about ChiRunning and my interest in that sometime…) But those clinics are always kind of far away, but I would still consider making the trek to Arizona or California for one.

But then I stumbled upon this and thought it sounded pretty great.

Marshall Ulrich’s Dreams in Action Running Camp ’09

The camp is designed to help you improve your performance in different distance races and even help you move toward ultras. They’ll do training runs, cross-training, gait analysis, classroom lessons… teach about running on trails, on roads, in heat, in mountains, etc.

Marshall Ulrich is a record-setting ultrarunner, yet he didn’t start running until he was in his 30’s. That’s kind of comforting to me since I didn’t start running until my late 20’s. Sometimes I feel intimidated by people who have been running/racing since they were just kids. Silly, I know.

But the biggest selling point (or the two biggest selling points) for me:
1) Guest Speakers: Running Ambassador Bart Yasso, Adventurer Andrew Skurka and ChiRunning founder Danny Dreyer!

2) Location: It’s in Death Valley this October, so it’s fairly close to me!

Now I just need a spare $2000 to throw around! Yeah…


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