Running ≠ Therapy

The old cliche… running is cheaper than therapy. We’ve all heard it, right? I used to even have a shirt that said that. I used to joke when I wore it though, “But some of us need both!” But running is not a 1-1 substitution for therapy. Let’s make it clear, running can have amazing

Aaptiv 5K Your Way

October 27 is the Aaptiv 5K Your Way virtual race. Now typically, I’m not a fan of “virtual races” because I feel like it’s mostly somebody just buying a medal. But I do kind of like the origins of these and where they started; when there was a sense of community from a lot of people

Carpe Lotion: Foot & Hand Antiperspirant

I got an email with the subject line of “Weird Review Product” a while ago and when I opened it up it said, “This is kind of weird, but I have a product I thought might be up your alley. It’s called Carpe, and it’s an antiperspirant lotion for hands and feet. I thought your audience

Slow Down!

The past couple of months have been kicking my butt. Even more so than the past several years have been kicking my butt. Some of the things that have been draining me lately more than “normal” life exhaustion: Buying a house Selling a house Moving to a new house Getting my first experience at an

Episode 6: Not Giving Up on a Podcast-ish Yet!

I’ve had over two months between “episodes” of my podcast-ish, The Jill Will Run Show-ish. (I’m so clever with that title, huh?) But I recorded another episode! You can listen to it embedded here in this post… or you can read along below for the basic gist of what I rambled about plus some extra