May StrideBox (and Giveaway!!)

My May StrideBox arrived recently, just thought I’d share a little about what came in the box (and give one box away!) This month the box included: Skratch matcha green tea & lemon chews Honey Stinger cracker ‘n’ nut butter snack bar (coated in chocolate, it was all melted!) Blue Rub anti-chafe stick Ultima Replenisher

Carrying Your Phone While Running

There are some people who claim to be purists and they advocate for leaving your phone home when you run. I am not one of those people… they can be incredibly helpful, you can listen to music/books/podcasts to keep yourself entertained, you can call someone if you get lost or hurt on the run, and

Episode 4: Race FOMO and Trails

It’s been 2 years since I last ran a half marathon! I’ve covered that actual distance, but I haven’t entered an event that long in 2 freakin’ years! Want to know how I realized this? This past weekend a marathon and half marathon ran right by my house. RIGHT by my house. I could have

Sprigs Banjees Armband [Review]

I needed a new armband for running, so I decided to order the Sprigs Banjees armband from Amazon. The other one I have is having velcro issues… meaning, the velcro strap is not holding. And that’s a problem. Nobody wants their phone flying off their arm midrun. Pros: Lightweight It pulls on, so no velcro strap