Ice Roller FTW!

Reading Time: 1 minute This is a game changer for the summer heat! I’m one of those people who flushes easily when running or I’m just in the heat in general. I get so red, people often ask me if I’m okay. Maybe I’m not?! But suffice

June 2019 StrideBox

Reading Time: 2 minutes The June 2019 StrideBox arrived the other day. The contents: Clif Bar Cubes endurance bites, tart cherry. These are made of dates, peanut butter, almond butter, cherry juice and other schtuff. (Seriously, I don’t want to outline it all. Some of it is

Novo Renew

Reading Time: 3 minutes Novo Renew is a supplement to reduce inflammation and soothe sore joints so runners can keep moving. I was sent 2 bottles of Novo Renew for free to try. Opinions here are always my own. Have you had trouble with joints that hurt

TB12 Plant Protein Powder

Reading Time: 4 minutes TB12 Plant-Based Protein powder is a new protein to me that I got to try recently. (Disclosure: I received a bag of it for free in exchange for review.) I tried the vanilla flavor, it also comes in chocolate. This protein powder has