StrideBox March 2021

The March 2021 StrideBox showed up at my house and once again… I made an “unboxing” video for it. YouTube is kind of fun, even when you only get 4 views. I only need about 993 more subscribers and 3982 more watch hours on my channel before I can earn some of that sweet sweet sweet YouTube income. (HA HA HA!)

Xpand No Tie Laces
These are a bungee lace with a lock system so you “never have to tie your shoes again”. They have TONS of colors available on Amazon, so you could theoretically get them to go with just about any pair of shoes.

Honey Stinger waffle – Short Stack flavor
These waffles are all the rage in the StrideBox boxes lately… This is the 3rd month in a row I’ve received one, each time from a different company. They’re yummy.

Skratch Labs – chocolate recovery
This is a milk-based recovery drink powder, that I need to give away. It does include lactase in the ingredients so supposedly it helps you digest it, but I don’t trust it…

Trail Butter, spiced chai
I like chai, I like nut butters… this sounds yummy.

Run Gum – wintergreen
The guide inside this month’s box says the sample is Berry flavor. And while I received wintergreen… I’ll take it! In the times BC (before COVID) I sometimes chewed a piece of this while driving to work. But I haven’t actually been to work in a loooooooooong time. (I telecommute and work in a different state than where I live, so when I drive to work I get up at 4am to make the nearly 3-hour drive. Caffeine is my friend.)

Moroccan Magic – manuka honey
This lip balm is really pretty great so far… I tried it almost immediately but I’m impressed at how nice it feels.

How do you like to find out “what’s in the box?” A YouTube video? Reading the list? A single photo on Instagram? A short TikTok? (Yeah… I did that too!) I used to have so much fun experimenting with blogs and social media back in the day when they first started… then it all seemed to swing to “influencer world, follow me with my duck lips!” and I felt old and out of place. And now I’m starting to have fun with the platforms once more.

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