August 2019 StrideBox

The August StrideBox arrived last week! Here’s a rundown of this month’s surprises!

StrideBox – subscribe and watch for this in your mailbox!
Glukos vanilla whey protein powder

Glukos has come out with a new protein powder to help with fast acting recovery. Since it’s whey protein, I will probably pass this along to my husband to try. Whey is not a friend to my stomach!

Supernola triple berry vanilla

Supernola is a snack cluster from Evolve that is made out of “superfood” berries like maqui and goji, as well as various nuts and seeds. You can even order these on Amazon under their Subscribe & Save program and they have a 20% off coupon available as of this writing.

Homeplat peanut butter spread

Homeplate peanut butter has a bit of honey added for extra sweetness. I took this with us on vacation to Big Bear Lake this week and had it as a snack and found it to be a good peanut butter, nice texture. They also have creamy and crunchy varieties available.

Powergel Hydro orange

I should have taken a photo of this with something else for a size perspective, as it’s pretty huge! The beauty of a PowerBar PowerGel Hydro is that you don’t need to chug water with it. But they are about the size of 3 gel packs.

BioSwiss massager

BioSwiss 4-point therapeutic massager… I’m always down for something to help work out kinks and knots so this was a happy addition.

Vega Sport Hydrator powder

I like low-calorie electrolyte drink options during the summer here in Vegas, I just feel like I need the extra electrolytes but don’t always want the extra sugars. So I’ll probably try this lemon-lime Vega Sport Hydrator out this weekend.

The Sun is Shining and So Are You! (sticker)

As per usual, each box comes with a fun sticker!

You can subscribe to StrideBox for $19.95/month.

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