The Undress: Change Your Clothes Anywhere

Disclosure: I was provided one The Undress dress free for the purpose of review. Opinions on this site are always my own.
The Undress explanation photo
Have you ever felt a need to change your clothes in public?

Okay, that’s a strange intro, because I can’t say that I’ve ever felt a particular NEED to change my clothes in public, but I have done it. Participating in a running relay means you end up changing your clothes in some strange places. Porta-potties are the last option, EW!

The Undress

The Undress is a dress that allows you to change your clothes without exposing yourself in public. It’s got a lot of clever little features to make this possible. The hook/handle and cord lock help with changing your bra/top and there are side access slots to make it so you can pull on/off bottoms without showing off anything you don’t want anyone to see.

closeup of the hip access on The Undress

It’s hard to explain in just words, but the video shows exactly how the process works.

I’m not sure I could actually change out of a sweaty sports bra in this thing without an inadvertent nip-slip, but changing out of bottoms with this is quite easy. I’ve done several relay races and it would be way easier to change out of shorts or capris using The Undress than trying to be discreet in the back of a van.

I still can’t say that I would slip this on and wear it out to brunch or something like that… I feel like I’d need a bra underneath (I’m not super comfortable with going bra-less… but I know some women are) and I feel like the dress isn’t the most flattering silhouette for casual wear.

Closeup of The Undress neckline

But for swapping clothes in weird situations when you need to change (like a relay race or after a race you’ve traveled to), this is super handy. I know I’ll be taking it with me on my next relay race, whenever that happens.

The Undress comes in two lengths, Original is long and Sport is calf-length. They also have their new Undercover that is available soon for the guys. (Although, I have known of guys using the original Undress to change. Just saying…)

The dress sells for $79-99, so it’s not super cheap. But if you want to get one at a discount, they did offer a coupon code for readers of this site!

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The code is not eligible for clearance items.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.