Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Liquid Nation Hydration

Stainless steel water bottle from Liquid Nation HydrationI was sent a stainless steel water bottle from Liquid Nation Hydration recently to review (and one to give away… keep reading!) on the site.

Stainless steel water bottles seem to be everywhere these days, right? I think the panic over BPA has had a lot of people rethinking their water bottles and looking for alternative materials. This bottle from Liquid Nation Hydration fits the bill in that regard, it’s BPA-free and made out of a food-grade stainless steel. Those are nice features, but the coolest is how well the bottle is insulated. It doesn’t sweat* and make a mess all over. But the best part is it keeps the contents at the desired temperature a lot longer than other bottles. The combination of the materials to build the bottle and the vacuum-seal lid makes for a bottle that is spill-proof and thermo-regulated. I did a little testing with it:

  • Hot water: 6 hours later I opened the bottle and the water was still hot. I recapped it and checked again after another 6 hours, the water was still what I would consider warm.
  • Ice water: 20 hours later there were no longer ice cubes in the bottle, but I would call the water still legitimately cold. Refreshingly cold.

In both of these tests, I left the bottle sitting on my kitchen counter, so it was sitting at room temperature (roughly 68 degrees) for the duration. I’m sure varying outside temperatures would make an impact. But I just wanted to put those details out there, because I’m not claiming this is in any way a super scientific test… it’s just more of a regular life test and it was impressive.

The narrow opening at the top has pros/cons. Pro: it’s really easy to drink from, sometimes bottles with really wide openings can make a mess. Con: it’s a smaller target for getting the drink in there, if you wanted a hot drink in there you’d probably need to make it in another container and pour it in, and I found having a pour spot on the original vessel a little bit easier to make that transfer.

I wouldn’t use this bottle while running, it would be a nuisance to hold on to and screwing the cap on/off to drink while moving isn’t the most efficient. It’s fine for studio classes or strength training where you can take a little bit more of a pause to drink. I also think it would work in circumstances where you might want to have a drink to leave in your car for after a race or a run somewhere, as it should keep pretty cold while it waits for your return.

Also, it’s not recommended to put this bottle in the dishwasher. I think that’s status quo for stainless steel water bottles, the paint can chip off and I’m fairly certain it messes with the vacuum seal the lid provides. It is something that I find mildly annoying, but really… it’s not THAT hard to wash a bottle with soapy water and a bottle brush. My grousing about it is really mild and good-natured.

The bottle holds 17 oz. of fluids and the shape is nice because it will fit in most cup holders. And while this bottle doesn’t come in an array of colors/patterns, it’s only $17.99 on Amazon. That’s one of the more affordable stainless steel water bottles I’ve seen around lately.

The last thing I want to point out on this bottle is that the company that sells this donates a portion of their profits to the charity Samaritan’s Purse, which is a Christian international aid charity that helps with a variety of different causes. (I was unfamiliar with the organization, but definitely something noble and worth noting.)

Win this stainless steel water bottle


I’ve got one bottle to give away. The giveaway runs from 2/7/2017 through 2/14/2017. There are multiple ways to earn entries into the giveaway, but they all must be done through the Rafflecopter widget included in this post and on my Facebook page. (Winner must live in the continental US.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I live in the desert… it’s dry here and drinks don’t sweat all that much. Thus, I’m just taking the manufacturer’s word on this.

I was given a water bottle for free in exchange for my honest opinion/review. I was also happy at the chance to be able to give something back to the readers of my website and social media ramblings, so thanks for reading!


  1. I live in the desert, where water bottles are a necessity. I hope to move back to the southeast, though. Everything sweats there 😉

  2. I tried to leave a comment but it appeared to reject me. So this maybe #2. Oops.

    Here in swampy cold as balls MN everything sweats – this would be brilliant!

  3. I live in CT. It gets so humid here in the warm/hot months and everything certainly sweats. One of these bottles would be great to have. Probably great to use with a HydraQuiver.

  4. I live in Eau Claire, WI and they definitely sweat here. However my 24 oz Bubba cap from Wal-Mart fixed that problem (big gulps from local convenience store). For running I usually use the powerade bottle. I typically pour out half into a glass for post run and fill the bottle back up with water, diluting my beverage. See you on the roads and trails soon!

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