See ya 2015, Welcome 2016

Another year has come and gone. Boy, these things tend to fly by lately.

My 2015 running started off with a BANG! as I was training to run a marathon for the first time in several years. I learned that it was a lot harder to train for a marathon as a parent than it was in the past. But I did it and running the Boston Marathon in April was the highlight of my running year.

Actually, much of my running felt good this year. If my surrounding life had been less stressful, it could have been a truly phenomenal running year. Maybe it was a truly phenomenal running year anyway. It seemed like I was finally improving in my running… something I’m still muddling over in my brain.

Professionally this was probably my hardest year ever. I’m hoping to get a reprieve in 2016.

In 2015, I ran a couple of half marathons, some 10Ks but I don’t think I ran a single 5K race this year. Odd… That can’t be right. (looking at my Athlinks account…) Oh, yep… I ran one in January of 2015. Forgot about that one.

I very quietly decided to do the Runner’s World holiday running streak, I think I only told one other person that I was doing it. And I actually found it quite enjoyable to get in at least one mile each day. That could have been my year ending on a pretty powerful note, but it was more of a whimper these past few days since I have picked up a cold or something that has settled into my lungs and that is making it hard to run beyond that my requisite one mile each day for my streak. At least I could do that mile each day inside, as the cold air is kind of painful on the lungs.


And for my grand “art installment” where I snap pics of my shoes with the weather… I think I only missed 3 or 4 of my runs all year.

Right now, 2016 is looking rather void of plans. I have ideas and thoughts racing around my brain, but not much as been inked… or committed to a credit card. I am doing the Run 2016 miles in 2016 challenge with a couple of friends. I’d love to do a couple of relay races in 2016. I like the idea of getting into a pattern of at least one marathon a year. And I think I should be able to do more half marathons throughout the year than I have in the past few years. But all of these things require a good support and communication system, especially when you have a child.

I’d love to get a new Garmin. I’d love to test more wearable technology… I have a feeling I may do a Lumoid box (defunct service) a few times this year because I get a kick out of that. I will probably need to find my new running shoe since the Saucony Virrata has been my default shoe for a while and they stopped making it.

I’d like to figure out a balance of running/barre/yoga/strength training that works. In my mind, I always want to do all of those more days/hours than are actually available in a week. I need to accept the limitations I have and figure out the right mix of all those things!

What are your goals for the new year? Are you looking forward to the new year?


  1. I’m also doing the RTY 2016, I think with a couple friends but not positive on that yet. I decided to tie in the I<3torun 100 days of running challenge as well as the 1000 miles in 2016 challenge. I figure if I'm doing the RTY the others should be completed too.

    I haven't ran a marathon since 2012…debating on this for this year. I've already signed up for the Irishman in March and a Chilly Cheeks 5mi in April. The rest of the year is up for grabs.

    I got a treadmill for Christmas and it's been a lifesaver already with our weather. I hope it helps me keep my mojo.

    Looking forward to seeing how this year pans out for both of us!! Happy New Year, Jill!

    • That’s a lot of challenges! I had set a personal goal to run 1000 miles, maybe I should look at the actual challenge for that!

      I’m glad the treadmill is helping! Whatever is convenient, huh? It isn’t too loud for your daughter? If I ran on my treadmill during my child’s sleeping hours she would be awake. That’s why I’m loving my Zero Runner I got last summer, it’s so so so quiet.

      I can’t wait to see how the year pans out for both of us too! Thanks for the encouragement and friendship Sara!

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