It’s my blog and I’ll ramble if I want to

Last week I had to drive to work on Thursday (I telecommute, in case you just stumbled upon this) and while driving I listened to Nick Offerman’s book Paddle Your Own Canoe. It was alright, worth the listen on the drive and it made me legitimately LOL a few times. It also made me cringe a few times (I don’t need to know about his marital relations occurring in nature) but there were a couple of things that were quite poignant. Here’s one:

Men and women alike, if you think that altering the tip of your nose with surgery will make you happier, I would suggest you alter something much more malleable than your flesh, like your priorities, or your friends. Quit looking in the mirror so much. My two cents. - Nick Offerman

Then on Friday my mom came into town to watch my kid so my husband and I could catch a play at The Smith Center here in Las Vegas. We saw the play The Book of Mormon, I haven’t laughed so hard in years. (The Smith Center is a beautiful venue that hosts real theatre. Traveling productions of Broadway shows, orchestral concerts, ballet, etc. We’re a city of glitzy entertainment, but this place was long needed. It opened in 2012 and everyone I know, that has been there, raves about it. Fantastic place.)


Then on Saturday my mom asked my daughter if she wanted to come home with her for a few days, and she said yes. So my baby girl got in the car and got to spend a few days out of state with her grandma and grandpa, no parents around. And I’m crushed.


I’m really glad she’s having fun and she even gets the chance to see my brother’s kids, as they are visiting as well. Since we have no family in town with us, it’s great that she gets this opportunity. But I feel so lost without her! Even when they’re just 3-years-old, giving your child independence is hard!

I always feel frustrated that I can’t do things due to parenting, yet now that I have a few days without my child I don’t know what I want to do. The things that I guess I felt limited on aren’t really fixed in a few days of time. I can’t wait to have her back home.

But one huge perk… I can actually start work on time! (That’s a sad, pathetic “perk”.)

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