Food & Fitness Trends in 2014

I received this infographic from MyFitnessPal and thought it was interesting, looking at how certain things in the health world trended over the past year. I’m not surprised that wearable tech increased in popularity over 2014, but I’m surprised at how much SoulCycle increased. I hadn’t heard much about it, just had heard the name. So I went to their website and it seems the regions that they are actually operating are kind of limited still. Maybe that will spread to more regions in 2015? I think wearable tech will continue to climb this year too… I’m kind of obsessed with it!

Does anything on this surprise you? Intrigue you?



  1. Great statistics, especially the on related to coffee. Brussel sprouts growing in popularity seems a stretch, as the smell and taste are not the most favorable. Will be interesting to see.

    • I love Brussel sprouts… my husband HATES them. In fact, I usually only make them if he’s out of town because he says they make the whole house smell bad for days! LOL!

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