Friday Fête

On Wednesday I went to a class at Surfset Las Vegas. I saw this concept being pitched on Shark Tank and thought it looked like fun. Then when I saw a Groupon available for the local studio, I knew I had to snag it! Of course… now the Las Vegas studio is having a promotion for October where classes are free for new clients, so I could have given it a try without giving my money to Groupon… Whatever, it doesn’t matter because I had so much fun and I’m already planning on buying some kind of membership package to the studio.


We did burpees and pushups and lunges and more, all while balancing on the wobbling “surfboard”. It was hard, but it was fun the whole time too. The class I attended was called “Blend” a 45-minute mix of strength training and cardio. I’m going to another Blend class next week, but I’m definitely going to try all of the classes.

In an effort to make workout variety easier to incorporate into my life… we replaced the flooring in our bonus room. What’s a bonus room? Well… it’s what we call the big room upstairs that doesn’t really have a set purpose. Some might call it a loft, some might call it a playroom… we call it the bonus room. And we pulled up the flooring in half the room and had Sport Court flooring installed.


I have terrible perspective on that picture… but basically it’s an 11’x17′ space (or something like that) and the flooring looks a lot like cork flooring, except it’s got better give and more durability. We’ll be rolling the treadmill back over in that space and I’ll be able to use the room for yoga, barre, etc. workouts. (Doing yoga on carpet sucks!) The kiddo loves the new flooring and she says daily that she wants to “go run in the gym” and she’ll run in circles on the floor.


I’m so glad we went with this, it is way better than any other flooring option we contemplated for our home gym space. Plus we have the potential to expand it throughout the whole room if we decided to use the entire space as home gym. We do have a kids climber/slide in the room too. Basically we use the room as an extension of outdoor space, since nobody wants to play outside in Vegas during the summer months!

My hip has been feeling a lot better lately and I got a massage yesterday that so far seems to have sealed the deal in making things feel better. Maybe I should have gone to get that 3 weeks ago? I’ve had several good runs this week, although I’m still running slower than normal because I’m taking it easier as I’m still recuperating from whatever that issue was. I’m running a 5K this weekend, no plans to push it, just going to have fun and see how the day goes.

I’m doing the 30-Day Meditation Challenge on It only requires 5 minutes of meditation each day. I can do that. Even if I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m cuckoo every time I wander off to meditate.

I admit I’m one of the masses that loves pumpkin. I am eager to try to the new pumpkin smoothie at Smoothie King (maybe I’ll take the kiddo out for that today!) and I usually have to try the pumpkin donut at Dunkin Donuts each year. Pumpkin Spice Oreos? On it. Pumpkin Spice candy corn… tried it, hated it. Just because something is labeled as pumpkin doesn’t mean it is good. But I think some other vegetables deserve some love too… more attention in the public eye and incorporated into baked goods and coffee flavorings. Maybe rutabaga?

Smoothie King Pumpkin Smoothie

Gone Girl opens this weekend! I read the book twice and I’m so excited to see this movie… it’s on my calendar for next week, woo hoo! I never go see movies in the theater anymore, I’m looking forward to it!

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