Friday Fête

I’m tired…. so tired….

I’m pretty sure the reason for this is that I keep bumping up my waking time. I’m doing that in anticipation of having to run early in the morning all summer long. Last year I ran at night after Alex was in bed. It was still hot, but running in the dark makes a difference. However, I love the feeling of knocking out a run first thing in the morning. But this parenting stuff combined with the fact that I “supposedly” start work at 7am makes early morning running hard!

My standard alarms… Yeah, I need reminders to snap myself out of work sometimes.

(I say supposedly, because in all honesty, I usually start working at 5am so I can get Alex ready for the day when she wakes up 6:45-7:00ish. Plus I do this so I can go for a run ‘guilt-free’ mid-morning for most of the year when the temperatures are agreeable to such endeavors. However, there is no guilt-free in my world. I give myself grief for everything. I’m way too hard on myself.)

My kid is saying all kinds of awesome stuff lately. The other day she sat on our adjustable dumbbells and was saying, “Go, Go, Go!” Kids are all kinds of awesome… at least mine is pretty rockin’. Oh, that’s another thing she says, “Baby Rock. Alex Rock.” And when she says that she means she wants to be in the rocking chair. Not with me though…. NO, none of that cuddling crap. She wants to stand in it like she’s surfing on the rocking chair. And when she says that, I have to sing Twisted Sister to her.

I love these little gray skinny jeans she has… although, they’re starting to be skinny capris!

I love crowdfunding projects… it just fascinates me some of the things people come up with, also there are some good things that get to market via these platforms when traditional investors said no. “People wouldn’t want that!” “Wait, the people did want that and ponied up to make it happen!” It also amuses me to see the projects that apply to the sport of running. Some are brilliant and some are questionable. Here are a couple I’ve learned about recently. What are your thoughts on them?

The Slick Bib

“The next generation running top. Never use safety pins again! Enjoy a better, more pleasant running experience.”

Slick Bib

A shirt with a pocket on the front for your race bibs. No more safety-pin fumbling, putting holes in your shirt or getting your number all messed up. My first reaction was that it’s kind of limiting, you just have one shirt you wear for races (or you buy a bunch of them). But I was impressed by their goals in trying to create a lineup of shirts that are stylish and eliminates a (first-world) problem. And with the pocket on the front, at least newbies will know for sure where their bib goes!

The Run Bell

“A sleek, adjustable, wearable bell that solves the vexing problem of running in crowded areas where runners and pedestrians share the same path.”

Run Bell

I don’t actually encounter tons of other runners in my way, so I don’t see a use for this in my day-to-day running. Although, I think my husband would argue that I should wear it around the house and ring it as I enter rooms, he says I’m sneaky/quiet like a ninja and scare him. I say I’m just walking. But if you’re running in a very populated area with lots of pedestrians, it may come in handy. Are any of you urban runners? I had a couple of people on Twitter reply to me that they would use it!

Go hug your mom this weekend! If you can’t (I wish I could hug mine) then give her a call or Facetime her or something!

Mamalete Day 2014


  1. It’s funny to see such a simple device create such decisive opinions (twitter), with people really liking the idea or hating it. I think it’s a good idea for urban areas; I rarely see people move when yelled at but they seem to split when they hear a bike bell.

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