It’s Friday… Yay?

I’m so tired. Just feeling emotionally, physically and mentally depleted. But it’s the weekend. Time to recharge, right?

Well, as it stands the weekends leave me feeling more exhausted. There is something about hauling my baby around all day for two days that makes me kind of irritable. She’s so much fun, but so much work! And this exclusively pumping garbage is even more draining.

I’m just grumpy. Sorry. But there are some good things:

I got a customized running necklace from The Silver Maple! It was a thank you gift for working on their giveaway with them. I love it!

Silver Maple necklace

I received a whole skin care system from The Skin Authority. I loved how they assigned me a skin coach who asked me questions about my skin, my concerns, how many steps I’d be willing to do. Then they put together a whole regime for me complete with instructions from my coach on how to use it.

Skin Authority products

Skin Authority instructions

Lastly, I had an update for one of my apps this morning and the language in the app updates is so poorly written, I had to laugh. I wonder if they communicate like this in all the languages they support!

InstaPlace Update 1

InstaPlace Update 2

InstaPlace Update 3

InstaPlace Update 4


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