Cosmo VoxBox from Influenster

I recently received the “Cosmo VoxBox” from Influenster. Basically it’s a box with a few little gifts for me since I’m “influential” online. Or I just applied to be part of the program and got it! Whatever…

Here are my VoxBox items:

FriXion by Pilot Pen

Who writes anymore? It’s all on computers, tablets and smartphones, right? Okay, I do still use a pen on occasion (although my handwriting continues to degrade each year) and it’s definitely nicer to use a good pen as opposed to the random hotel pens that I seem to end up with in my bags. #FriXion

Fixion Pens

Gillette® Venus® razor and refill cartridge

I’ll admit, I’ve been using a cheap-o razor and the same one for about 4 months now. Yeah, ever since I had a baby I’ve been dragging the same ol’ crummy razor across my skin. Taking care of yourself is something that I totally advocate and it doesn’t always have to mean spending money on massages, facials and pedicures (although, those are wonderful!) Just a new razor every now and then so you don’t slice your skin to bits is a good way to take practice a little self-care! #VenusFits

Gillette Venus

Forever Red from Bath and Body Works

Another little pick-me-up, kind of like wearing some jewelry, is putting on a little fragrance. Supposedly this has notes of pomegranate in it. I don’t know if I’m picking up on that, but it does smell nice! #BBWForeverRed

Forever Red perfume


When my site crashed a while ago (something I’m still trying to clean up, haven’t had the time to devote to it fully) I put out a plea to send chocolate. Well, chocolate finally arrived! And it has sea salt in it! I’m a big fan of salty/sweet combinations! Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape – get in mah belly! #GhirardelliEscape

Ghiradelli Sea Salt Escape

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