It Manifests Elsewhere

On Saturday I treated myself to a prenatal massage and a facial. This was actually my third prenatal massage so far. It helps that I am a member of Massage Envy and didn’t have time to use any pre-paid massages for all of September, October, November and then felt like complete garbage for my whole first trimester… I had quite a few stored up. I should be able to get a massage every 2-3 weeks for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Massage (Photo credit: o5com)

My first prenatal massage was kind of disconcerting.  First, you can’t lay on your back or stomach, so you lay on your side during these massages.  I know some facilities have tables with a cutout for a preggo belly, but mine doesn’t.  And it was frustrating to me to have to lay on my side for that first one because I really wasn’t showing hardly at all… plus I frequently wake up at night sleeping either on my stomach or back. (ooops…)  And there is something that feels a lot more vulnerable about laying on your side and the therapist does have to maneuver more to make sure the draping keeps you from becoming overexposed.

My subsequent massages have been better though. I’m getting to know my new therapist more and she is getting to know my body (and the way it keeps atrocious knots in my shoulders, neck and upper back).  This last weekend I got a 90 minute massage instead of a 60 minute one and it was just too much for me in this state.  Laying on my side and on top of one of my arms, trying to make sure I’m positioned so she can knead out the evil knots, meant my arms kept falling asleep.  That was weird.  I’ll stick to 60 minute ones for the rest of the pregnancy.

The facial was nice, the esthetician asked me if I had any particular concerns about my skin right now.  I told her that since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve had a huge increase in acne.  She looked at my skin and said, “I see acne on the chin, that’s typical with hormonal acne.  But you have several on your forehead too.  Are you constipated?”

WHAT?! You can tell that from my zit pattern?

Yes, pregnancy has clogged things up.  Who knew that could manifest itself on your face?

So of course I had to Google that when I got home and found this Acne Face Map.  You can click on specific zones and it will tell you the possible reasons for acne in that area.
Acne Face Map

These are the listed causes for forehead acne:
Digestive problems (hard time breaking down certain foods); Small intestine issues; Liver issues; Irregular sleep schedule; Stress; Bad tempers; Too much worrying; Too much sugary foods; Toxin build-up; Hair products; Bangs; Wearing dirty caps/hats.
(No comment if I have a bad temper, we’ll let my husband be the judge of that!)

Very interesting…

This is based upon Chinese medicine. More and more I am drawn to the way TCM looks at the patient as a whole and doesn’t just try to patch one spot, when the cause of the problem could lie elsewhere. I wish there was the ultimate combination of the two… insurance accepted doctors that know Western and Eastern treatments. (I would really like to try acupuncture sometime!)

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  1. Hmm interesting about the zit pattern! I never knew that. I agree re: Chinese med vs western. Too many of our docs are focused on the symptom and not the underlying cause. It is so frustrating! (ESP with all my weird problems that are special ha)

    • Yeah, you would be able to commiserate with that! I hope you’re feeling well… glad to read you’ve been getting in a little running again!

  2. I totally recommend getting a pregnancy massage with a place/therapist who has a table with the cutout…especially when you get further along. I got them late in my 3rd trimester with every pregnancy and just being able to lay on my stomach with all the comfy pillows surrounding me was heaven! I know you like your masseuse..but I would try one just to see the difference. IMHO. 🙂

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