App Review: Runner’s Log

I know there are plenty of places out there “in the cloud” to log your mileage. I myself have an account on DailyMile. But there are also plenty of times that I don’t want to use that as a true log of everything. You always hear recommendations about logging things like the weather, what you ate, the clothes you wore, problems you encountered, etc. And perhaps you don’t necessarily want to share all those details with a public audience like those sites.

Personally, I’ve experienced that hesitancy. I tried keeping my personal log on my computer when syncing my Garmin. But that didn’t work very well for me because a) I don’t always use my Garmin and b) I sync my Garmin to my home computer and I don’t sit down at that desktop very often. I wanted a way to have it with me… an app!

Logo for the Runner's Log appLo and behold, I was given the opportunity to try just that type of thing!
Runner’s Log – an app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to keep your own personal log of your runs/walks/fitness.

The app allows you to track your miles, track your shoes and how many miles you’ve put on them. It allows you to build routes from a certain point so you can add them to your log.  It keeps statistics for you, with the latest update bringing weekly and monthly stats and future releases are supposed to have charts and graphs.  (Cause we runners sure like our charts and graphs, don’t we?!)

Mapping routes is done using a tap method on a map and it automatically calculates the distance, so you can build a library of routes you regularly run and add those to your log quickly and easily.  I do like the iPad layout for creating a route more than the iPhone version, but it works well on both of them.

iPad view of the Runner's Log app

iPad view of the Runner's Log app

iPhone view of the Runner's Log app

Right now my biggest problem with the app is that there isn’t a way to share the data back and forth between the iPad and iPhone. But the developer told me that is on their wishlist for future updates.  And I can’t wait to see that one come to fruition!

Otherwise, I can leave all kinds of embarrassing details and make my running log as personal as I want/need with this tool and I don’t have to share it with teh interwebs. Excellent!

It’s an iPad & iPhone app in one, so you don’t have to purchase two different apps. (I hate that approach!)  The app retails for $1.99 in the App store.


I have some codes to give away.  So if you have an iPhone or an iPad and would like to use this app, just let me know in the comments you would like to try this app for free.  The first 25 to claim codes will get them.  And then I will have 10 more to give out in a couple weeks when I launch a new online endeavor with several of my friends. The codes have all been given out now! Thanks for the interest!


  1. You had me hooked as soon as you mentioned tracking shoes. This might sound weird but I log my workouts using iCal. It’s easy to do everyday but a pain whenever I need to do manual calculations. I’d absolutely love to try this app!

  2. This looks pretty helpful. I have signed up for so many running online logs – and even the FB app as well. I end up just writing them down on my paper calendar. As long as my miles are there I’m happy. I don’t keep track of much else but I plan to get better. When get my student loans paid off we plan to buy iPhones for ourselves! Maybe I’ll give this ap a try!

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