This week is shaping up to be very busy. There’s something about looking at your calendar and seeing almost every block of it scheduled that is a little overwhelming.

So posting is going to be sparse for a few days, but I’ll be back with an update on Friday.  I’ve decided that since Fridays mark the start of a “new week” in terms of my pregnancy, that’s when I’ll be posting the majority of my pregnancy-related crap.  You know, the updates wherein I wax (un) poetic about my delicate condition and all the ways it affects my brain/body/life.

And maybe… just maybe… I’ll actually include a photo of my in my maternal state finally. You know… the phase where I really just look very bloated, which isn’t really all that awesome. 🙂

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  1. […] Earlier, I kind of hinted that I would post a picture in this post, didn’t I? Sigh… I’m actually kind of embarrassed to post this, I’m not a fan of my pregnant shape.  This was taken last Sunday, my husband’s official “pregnant belly picture day.”  But I feel like I’m actually a little smaller today, probably a lot of the size in this picture was due to bloat and constipation. (Milk of Magnesia… relief. TMI? Well, tough!) Now, on to the meat of this post’s title: I was complaining about pregnancy the other day and my husband said, “Why are you focusing on that? Just think about all the positive things this will bring.” […]

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