Running in the Nada

No… this isn’t “running in nada”.  It’s running in THE NADA… the latest minimal shoe from Somnio Running.  These are the lightest and most minimal running shoes I own.  (No, I’m not counting the Vibrams in that, but I don’t really consider those “running shoes” for me… those are more of a strengthening tool.)

Somnio Nada

The shoes are soooo light weight.  I was amazed when I opened the box and removed one of them, it seriously felt like it was going to just float out of my hand.  They’re only 3.5 oz. per shoe!  Contrast that with the Adrenalines I used to run in (9.7 oz) and the Kinvara which have become my main shoe (6.8 oz) these things are practically non-existent.

Speaking of the box… it speaks to my need (and frequent topic of late) to take care of myself:

Somnio Nada

The shoes come with a mesh bag and a DVD that contains information on transitioning to minimal running, as well as strengthening exercises to incorporate.  I love that they’re really taking steps to make sure people know that you can’t just put on these shoes and head out the door for your 5-10-20-etc. mile run.  There is an adaptation period and they’re doing their best to make sure people recognize that and even providing them with the information on how to make that move.

Somnio Nada set

I’ve worn these for several short runs around my neighborhood, 1 to 2 to 3 miles at a time.  And the biggest thing that I feel when I put them is: childlike.  Seriously, it’s kind of funny but I start to run and I just feel like I am playing.  It’s a freeing sensation.

The other thing that’s kind of interesting is that I keep finding myself slipping these on for everyday activities.  I don’t usually wear my running shoes for day-to-day life, preferring to save them exclusively for running and to chart all the mileage I put on them.  But with these I feel cute in them and I like how they feel. I’m starting to be more and more drawn into the idea of wearing minimal shoes for all my shoes.  (Remember, I sit around the house barefoot all day, I’m use to not having much structure on my feet now.  And I never wear heels anymore, I have no reason for them.)

One issue that I have with the shoes is that they run large. I have the 7.5-8 size and they’re a little too big, thus my reluctance to run further in them. (I know my clumsiness, I’d trip on the excess and fall.)  And when I glanced at the Somnio site recently they have even put a disclaimer on there saying the shoes run large so you should order a full size smaller.  So… why don’t they just renumber the sizing?  That seemed kind of weird to me, but I’m not a shoe manufacturer…

But overall, I am impressed with these. They are currently my “Monday” shoe… I’ve been wearing them on short recovery runs.

The Nada was provided to me for testing & review from the good people at Somnio Running.


  1. I love the design of these shoes, and your description of them makes them sound really appealing. I’ve really been enjoying all your minimalist shoe reviews!

  2. Those shoes look really great! Been contemplating on buying a new pair for my running lately but because I have stopped running early in the morning, I think I’ll save it for later. LOL.

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