Headphone Innovations

I’ve written about headphones/earbuds on here many times. It seems like so many of us are looking for the ideal pair of headphones. And I have some definite ideas about what I feel would be the ideal set-up for me. Recently I’ve found two things that seem pretty cool and just wanted to share them with you.

(Note: I’ve not tried either of these… just found them online.)
(Note: since posting this originally, I have had the opportunity to try the One Good Earbud – and I love it!)


These looked like the good solution to keeping headphones in my purse. Usually when I keep a pair in my purse, when I take them out to use them they are a tangled mess. On Zipbuds the cord has a “zipper” on them, so you just pull the zipper up to keep the cord together. They include a sport clip that is detachable so you can choose whether you want or need that during use.  They come in cute colors (like pink! and blue!) with black or white accents. The downside of this pair is that when I keep headphones in my purse, I usually want them to have a microphone integrated for use with my iPhone, and these don’t have that as an option.  Also, they’re kind of pricey at $39.99, for headphones that don’t have a microphone feature.

One Good Earbud

One Good Earbud
When I run by myself outdoors, I usually like to have something playing on my iPhone but I never NEVER wear two headphones in at the same time. It’s just not safe, I like to be aware of my surroundings. So when I saw these I was really excited… this is something that I have envisioned as part of my dream headphone set-up for running. It’s just a single earbud… but it still delivers good quality sound (so they say). And they have several different options, from a single bud to a wraparound style to one with a built-in microphone. (People always seem to call me when I’m running, so yeah… I’d take the microphone version! I do choose to ignore some of those calls, but sometimes I feel compelled to answer.)  These range in price from $19.99 to $27.99 and are not cute colors (the microphone one is a goldish color… I hate yellow gold, even on my headphones!).

What do you think about these, do they look like features you’d be interested in? Leave a comment and let me know. (Bonus points if you’ve actually used these before and can give me some feedback!)


  1. You must have been reading my mind. I just started my search for yet another pair of running headphones because one of my earbuds is going out. Both look very interesting and I’m going to check them out. Curious how sweat resistant they are. I sweat a lot, and I think thats why my buds go bad so quickly. Plus, I’ll easily sweat them out of my ear if they don’t have good suction. Nothing more annoying then messing with earbuds while trying to run! Hope people have some feedback on these!

  2. I would definitely be interested in hearing more about the zipbuds. I hate it when my earbud cord gets tangled and it seems like it is ALWAYS tangled. It would also just be nice to be able to adjust the length of the cord and decide for yourself where it splits off into two.

    I’m really picky about cords on my headphones in general. One reason why I stopped bringing my ipod on runs was because I didn’t like the feeling of running the cord up my shirt (having the cord against my skin doesn’t feel good to me, and I also found that it would sometimes get stuck on something [what? I don’t even know!] and then end up tugging my earbuds out of my ears), but I also hate having it bouncing around on my chest while I’m running. I’ll tolerate it on a treadmill because music is the only thing that will get me through a workout on the TM, but not during a run outside!

  3. Oh, I love the zip buds! I agree that it really is annoying to find earphones tangled up in a mess and also takes time to untangle it. I really like the idea. I have yet to see one, I guess, because I haven’t seen any in stores around my place. As for the single ear bud, I’m not really a fan. When I listen to music while running I like to hear my running music blasting on both ears. But it still looks good.

  4. Sorry for the huge review, but I am really loving the new Zune, and hope this, along with the excellent reviews another people have written, can help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

  5. Hi Jill… as I am in search of exactly what you are looking for I found your blog.  I am looking for single bud headphones with a mic, volume control and the ability to skip tracks and answer calls…  alas i have not found a single bud set that has all of these specs… i currently use skull candy 50/50 headphones that does all of that but is double.. i guess i’ll just have to keep being creative with cord management until i find something… maybe i’ll suggest it to skull candy.  ;o)

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