Embrace: Me

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m featured on the lovely Emilie’s site as part of her Embrace:Me series.  It’s a very personal post where I disclose more about my ED struggles.  I hope that someone out there is helped by this… but if not, it does help me immensely to be more open about my battle.

Eating disorders are so misunderstood.  Sometimes I think people would take it better if I said I had a serious drug problem as opposed to an eating disorder.  They’re the butt of jokes, they’re mocked and people perceive them as a choice or as being “so good”.  Trust me, it’s not a “choice”… it’s a very difficult mental disorder, a coping mechanism for deeper issues and very rarely is it actually about the food.  Recovery is hard… really hard.  And it takes a long time.

I wish that, with time, the world will have a healthier outlook on health and bodies, but I’m not dumb enough to think change will happen overnight (or even over-year).  But I’ve seen a positive movement starting toward a more positive body image and self esteem spreading. Caitlin Boyle’s Operation Beautiful and BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty are great movements and Medicinal Marzipan’s Body Image Warriors is an ever-growing list of people who are trying to bring about change.

I hope the trend continues!


  1. Your battle to overcome your ED and the courage and strength you have is so inspiring. It sounds like things are going well. Remember, we are behind you 100%.

  2. You are such a wonderful role model!!!! Thank you so much for sharing… i hope sharing your story has helped the healing process even more. And I am SURE it has helped others out there as well.

  3. I know I already told you this, but it’s not like it can be said too many times–your post is so beautiful, and so honest. I’m really happy to have it as a part of Embrace:Me, and it means to much to me that you opened up and talked about something that I know is really difficult.

    It is so upsetting to me how society treats EDs–to a certain extent, they’re encouraged, and at the same time ridiculed. It’s tragic that the overall attitude is not more accepting, understanding, and nurturing, as this would undoubtedly lead to an improved rate of recovery. Like you said, though, there are signs of progress. Let’s hope they continue!

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