Yesterday the husband and I decided to drive to southern Utah to visit family members. I knew when I looked at the forecast on my iPhone that I was going to push my planned Sunday run to Monday, which I usually use as a rest day. Why?

The predicted overnight lows in Utah were so much cooler than we’ve had in Vegas for months and months, temperatures that we likely won’t see here in Vegas for another couple months.

I set my alarm for 6:45 AM (that’s 5:45 in my time zone) so it was kind of like sleeping in compared to normal life, but not a huge sleep-in. But I didn’t care about sleeping in on this holiday… I was ready to run.

According to my iPhone it was 44 degrees outside. YES!

I was wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. I was actually kind of cold when I started, and I really could have used some gloves as my fingers were frozen. But other than that, I was just enjoying the sensation of the more temperate air.

I did about a mile warm-up and then I did some sprints for another mile, alternating between about a 6:30 pace and a very slow jog for recovery. Truthfully, I didn’t even know I could propel myself to a pace in the 6’s. My fastest pace that I hit (but probably didn’t maintain long) was a 6:14!

The sprints got progressively slower because I was working my way up a hill, and the last .25 mile was used as recovery as I reached the top of the hill. I purposely headed up the hill because I wanted to practice downhill running, so I ran the next 2 miles at an 8:21 pace; which is pretty awesome for me, considering the entire summer I’ve felt like I was slowing down more and more.

After that I alternated slow jogging and walking the last .25 mile, it was pretty much all uphill and I was using it as my cooldown anyway.

But this run left me feeling rejuvenated! It was so cleansing; for my soul, my mind, my heart, my lungs… incredible!

Happy Labor Day!!!


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