Monday Motivation

I have gone into several races saying, “I don’t care about my time today. I’m just doing this for fun.”

But the truth is, I do care. And even though I will never be an elite athlete, I do like to better my previous times. I’m not necessarily competing against the people around me. I just want to beat myself!

Sometimes the concern about keeping a good pace or getting a good finishing time prevents me from really enjoying the moment. The sensation of getting outdoors, the scenery around me, moving and using my muscles. Unfortunately there will be times when things go wrong and the race doesn’t end up how you expected, and you have to look back on it and find the positive moments.

Deena Kastor, an amazing runner and Olympic marathoner, broke her foot during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, just 3 miles into the race. While she was healing she had time to reflect on her situation, training, plans, etc. She posted about this on the New York Road Runner’s site. But the part that struck me the most and I found completely inspiring was this: is the relationships and camaraderie that fill my memory; not the splits or official standings.

Yes, getting a PR is fun. But what really motivates me is that I get to spend time with my friends when I run. They are my rock, salvation and inspiration. They pull me through the hard times and entertain me during the lighthearted moments. My running (and every other moment) pals have given me tons of support and even stood there on the side of the road hugging and comforting me as I was bleeding all over. My online friends, send me cheers and words of wisdom, letting me know that you support me and think nothing less of the girl who faceplanted in the marathon.

Let your running pals be your motivators. I know they are for me! I love you guys!


  1. You know I feel the exact same way. Yes running makes me feel good about myself, keeps me fit etc. But really I don’t think I would be much of a runner today it it were not for my running buddies and my online training partners. Its so different from the first few years I was a runner. I just know I’m in such a better place.

    It was so nice to meet you too!!! I really enjoyed our chat. I’ll hopefully get some photos up today.

  2. I thought of Deena when I read your race report yesterday, but I didn’t know about the website. Thanks for the link. I need that this week. She said it perfectly….it’s not just about the run, it’s about running w/my friends. (online and in person).


  3. I often say that I would rather have a good time than a fast time, but the truth is, I want both. I don’t get them, but the moment I put on the chip, I feel as though I should perform. In San Antonio, I knew that I was injured and probably shouldn’t even be there, so I took it easy, with a goal of finishing. It was my worst finish time ever, but it was also an amazing experience. I forgot what it was like to be with that many runners. Everyone was friendly and supportive. There isn’t a running community in my hometown, so races and the online running community are my interaction with other runners, and I am grateful for both.

    I’m glad that you are feeling better.

  4. i know the feeling! there’s a little bit (or a lot) of competitiveness in each of us and it’s hard to ignore it. i’m glad you are trying to have a positive outlook – you definitely should not be down on yourself. you will have another day and another race!

  5. Jill – you are awesome and we all know it. πŸ™‚ Runners are a weird breed and we have to stick together through good times and bad. We are here for you just as you have been here for us. πŸ˜‰ Hugs!

  6. I definitely agree!!! Sorry to hear about Phoenix. The good news is that they will do the race again next year and you can probably find another marathon to run in the near future.

    Good Luck


  7. You Go Girl!!! I can see that smile on your face! You are back and you have a story! All of us have a story!!! And doesn’t that rock. I did get a giggle about the comment that “at least you didn’t face plant into a pile of shit” sorry but that made me laugh-and it’s a good thing you didn’t!!!

    You will be back stronger and more motivated than ever! And I’m so glad you were there to see your mom finish-I know she was both happy to see you and concerned!!!

    You rock-don’t ever forget that!!! Use this DNF as your inspiration for your next race…I’ll be at Carlsbad as well-think about it…..

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