RnRSA: Post-Mortem

After crossing the finish line, I collected my medal, space blanket, got my photo taken and then headed to the Team In Training tent to check out. The tent had a lot of food for TNT participants, so after checking with the “proper authorities” so they could mark me off as being cleared from the course, I wandered past all the food offerings. Honestly, not much was sounding very appetizing at this point, but I knew I should probably get something in me.

Taking one bite of my PB&J
Taking one bite of my PB&J
They had a platter of PB&J sandwich quarters, so I took one of those. The bad thing is that the bread was really dried out and they were kind of inedible. They did have small smoothies from Jamba Juice, that was about the only thing that was really settling with me.

My husband had a Larabar for me in his pocket, which he told me I should try to eat. It was a little tough to get anything down, but I ate the bar on the half-mile walk back to our hotel. When we got back, my husband told me he was going to get me some food and would be back soon. The plan was for me to stretch out and shower while he was gone. Not to be gross or anything… but moments after he left my body finally rejected all the day’s food; oatmeal, Cyto, gels and all. But after that magical moment, I felt great!

Kevin returned with a whole wheat Papa John’s pizza, topped with veggies for me. He went way out of his way to specifically find me the whole wheat pizza (which I LOVE!) AND he stopped to get me a Diet Pepsi. Just what I needed!

Melinda and me at the Victory Celebration
Melinda and me at the Victory Celebration
That evening we went to the TNT Victory Celebration, where I even felt well enough to get on the dance floor. Then we went to walk along the Riverwalk for a little while before heading to bed.

The following day we drove our friends to the airport, found our new hotel (we were vacationing for a few days in San Antonio), got checked in and then spent the afternoon exploring downtown San Antonio. We walked about 6 or 7 miles that day, which really started to wear on me by the end of the day.

The next morning we were scheduled for massages. They were supposed to be an hour, but mine was about an hour and a half. They told my husband, “Your wife needs extra help, she’ll be a little longer.” I ended up tweaking my neck and shoulders during the race. I guess I started to tense those areas as the race proceeded and definitely felt the consequences of that in the days that followed.

Aside from plenty of walking around San Antonio in the days following the race, I didn’t do any running during that time. I did my 15 minute “Yoga for Runners” routine 2 or 3 times each day and did a full yoga practice yesterday (Friday) since I was back home.

This morning I ventured out for my first run post-race. I feel as though I’m coming down with a cold, but I still got up early and ventured out into 45° temps to cover 8 miles with my friends Melinda and Jim. We ran slower than usual, but it was good to get back into the running shoes.

My right ankle is suddenly feeling a little achy and my big toes are still sore (the toenails are purpley), but I think I got through the race feeling pretty damn good. But this cold is threatening to take over, so the rest of the day may be spent in bed. I don’t have time to be sick.


  1. You took a vacation after running-what a wonderful idea! And an hour and a half massage-sounds like HEAVEN!!!! I’m glad you are feeling better…but purple toes suck unless you have your nails painted purple….

  2. Penny: Maybe I should just paint them purple to hide it! But then, they would still hurt. I’m getting a little frustrated, I thought the pain would subside quicker.

    ~moe~: I’m pleased (and a little embarrassed) to admit that I didn’t have the post-marathon shuffle really. In fact, I felt so good physically after that I was frustrated my stomach caused so much slow down, because obviously the rest of me still had some vigor!

  3. I cannot believe you could actually walk that far the next day. I definitely could not have even if you paid me. Of course I was also sick at the time, like it sounds you are right now too. Give your body a break, I’d take some more time off if I were you. Your immune system is so shot right now.

    And thanks for using my referral when you bought the Hammer nutrition products. So far they have all treated me right. I especially like their chocolate chip energy bars – they taste pretty good, and I like knowing that they are organic, even if they are a bit on the expensive side!

  4. Terri: You’re probably right about needing a little more rest. My cold seems to be even worse today. I got thinking about you when I started coming down with this cold. I thought, “Didn’t Terri come down with a cold right after her marathon?” But then I remembered that you felt the beginnings of it on race day too. But it is true, the immune system is working overdrive trying to repair everything after the stress of a marathon. Maybe I’ll help it out a little and lounge on my butt and watch DVR’d stuff that has built up from my vacation.

  5. I too am amazed you were taking walking tours! I love getting a massage and how wonderful they really took care of you, you deserved it even if you didn’t “need” it!

  6. Amanda: Oh, even though I was able to walk around… I still “needed” that massage. Mainly in my neck and back though, so weird how ANY and EVERY area of your body can be affected by the marathon.

    Bethany: I’ve done a massage a couple days after each marathon and I think I need to make it a standing tradition. It really does aid in recovery.

    Rachel: I’m got the Las Vegas Half Marathon on December 7 and then the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Arizona in January. Beyond that, no DEFINITE plans yet!

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