TNT Group Run #18

With the majority of the TNT members from my group doing the Nike Women’s Marathon next week, our little San Antonio group is kind of like the unwanted stepchildren in the group now. While the Nike team is tapering, we’re still doing long distances. On the agenda today: 8 miles for the Nike group and 18 for my group. Plus my friend Melinda, who I run with frequently and is on the San Antonio team, is also doing Nike so she was just running 8 today as well. So our numbers for the 18 mile distance today were small… just 3 of us.

Just knowing that we had to do 10 more miles (or 14 more than the half marathon folks) made this morning’s run a little hard to get psyched up for. And the other deterrent was the fact that the weather took a dramatic change this weekend. It was 49° this morning when we started.


That is startling to us poor desert folks, especially when I ran at 4:30 AM on Thursday and the temps were in the low 70’s. This temperature change made me realize that I need more cool weather running gear!

One more strike, yesterday afternoon I started fading rapidly while working… the beginnings of a cold hitting me. I started popping vitamin C and Zicam like crazy, my sole goal being to get through my run. I figured if the cold did worsen, I had all weekend to stay in bed and be sick (although I would prefer to not have a cold at all).

We met at 5:00 AM, freezing our tails off and eager to get moving just to get our blood pumping to keep us a little warmer. I had a jacket on, bunched up a little oddly around my waist to accommodate my Fuel Belt. I honestly thought I would lose the jacket a few miles into the run, but I needed it the entire time. I also wished that I had gloves because my hands were purple by the end. The temperature only increased by a couple degrees throughout the run.

Our coaches planned a weird route which would have made us run back to our starting point just to turn around and start running the course again for 4 or 6 miles… the route didn’t seem to be planned out that accurately. So instead, we started making up our own course on the fly. We had a couple Nike+ and a Garmin between the three of us, we knew our approximate distance. The unfortunate side of this was we realized that we would still probably have to do a little bit of backtracking once we hit the start/end point to get the full distance.

But then one of the members of our group, Jules, started having some bad calf pain and she felt okay about cutting back the mileage. And when we paused to allow her time to stretch out, my cold started settling into my chest more and I started to cough. So I decided that I felt okay about cutting back the mileage. Thus we kind of forced Jim into cutting back his mileage or running by himself. (Sorry Jim!) So instead of doing the full 18, we did 15. And that’s okay… kind of… maybe… sort of.

While I was driving home I actually thought, “My legs feel good, I should get out and do three more miles once I get home.” But the thing is, I know I can cover that distance. I don’t need to risk making the cold worse, I will run 15 miles next weekend and then I have my 20 miler in two weeks that I want to feel good during. So I’m trying to remind myself that I’ve had the advantage of about 4 extra weeks of training over my Nike teammates since we all started at the same time. I have a little more “wiggle” room in my schedule.

Now I need a nap.

PS – I will announce the results of the Custom Pottery drawing tomorrow. My CPA husband will be using his “official” random sample program to obtain the winner. We’re going WAY official on this one! 😉


  1. Yikes, that is cold–especially when you consider that it was more than a 20 degree change in temperature. Ugly. 15 sounds pretty respectable to me. Good job on the smaller than usual team run.

    Can’t wait to hear the result of the drawing!

  2. You guy were rockin’ the distance you did….and you’re right, you CAN do 18. It was wise to cut it a bit short. I hope you feel better quick!

  3. Chris: Yeah, the temperature changes that occur that fast are too hard for the human body to deal with. It was rough!

    Melinda: I was surprised to see how quickly we were running when I plugged in my Nike+. Pretty damn respectable for coming down with a cold. It was weird having you end your running time earlier than us though, that doesn’t happen often. But you were wise on that decision too, you need to feel fresh for Nike!

  4. Isn’t it crazy how fast it gets cold? We had a similar temp change this weekend only it didn’t get really cold until today (in the 40s this morning!), so I haven’t had to run it it yet. I’ll take cold over hot any day! Good idea on cutting it short. You’ve already done 18. I don’t even understand their schedule for you guys. Seems weird to do 18 twice if you ask me!!

  5. Alissa: Yeah, I am not sure I understand our training schedule 100% either. It seems like they planned everything out for the Nike group and then just tacked on a few extra 18 and 15 milers for us San Antonio folks. I’m supposed to do 15 this coming up weekend and then we have our 20-miler the weekend after that.

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