Running Thoughts

1. The song “If I Had a $1000000” by the Barenaked Ladies came on the iPod today. That got me thinking, “What WOULD I do with lots of money?” I would go invest it in volatile stocks so I could lose it and not have that burden over me… Oh, no I wouldn’t! I love the idea of quitting my job and doing stuff that is focused on health and fitness. The song also got me thinking, “The Barenaked Ladies are on some weird stuff, they’d still eat Kraft dinner? That’s whack!”

2. I started my run at 5:00 AM today. There were teenagers all around on the sidewalks. What is up with that? Why are they all awake so early? I used to attend early morning jazz band practice one morning each week when I was in high school. It started at 7:00 AM and that was a sign of extreme devotion at that time. Maybe everything in the world starts earlier now. I start working at 7:00 AM now, that’s why I have to run so early. And if everything is starting earlier now, is that why people are so overworked and stressed?

3. Actor Ryan Reynolds has been training to run the New York Marathon. From the quotes in the article I read, it doesn’t sound like he has enjoyed his training, but he totally seems to respect the magnitude that is a marathon. Plus he’s running for a good cause. I’m just curious what kind of time he’ll post, he’s in pretty good shape from things I’ve seen of him.
EDITED TO ADD: Ryan Reynolds wrote about his training and goals on The Huffington Post. It’s got some strong language so if that offends you, don’t read… but he does make an excellent point that in running the real competition is yourself. I loved that point. Also, apparently Ryan Reynolds is A LOT better at fundraising than I am. 😉

4. At the conclusion of my run, I ended my Nike+ workout and it announced my final stats. I had to hurry to get in my shower before starting work, thus I couldn’t sync it immediately. I tried to sync it later on this evening and it WAS GONE! Is this typical of Nike+? I did find some helpful links at Chris’ site, so I was able to make a mock XML file to import and have a record of today’s run, but it’s not the same! (Yes, I’m pouting…)


  1. First… my husband’s FAVORITE food is Kraft macaroni and cheese (aka Kraft dinner). On his birthday when I ask him what he wants, that is what he asks for *eyeroll* I love that song because it makes me think of my hubby *wink*

    Second… I think you can find your actual run and not have to use the fake file from Chris’ website. There is a way to move temp files (.tmp) to a permanent .xml file. It is quite involved. If you want the steps you can e-mail me or check this Nike+ forum where I found the info. Let me know.

  2. I think I learned how to find my lost runs from Lisa way back when. That forum is also listed on my site–and it has come in handy. Getting so angry with my Nike+ these days.

    Overworked and stressed? It’s because our bosses expect us to be “always on”. With e-mail and Blackberry’s, it is almost like you are working 24/7…

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