Week in Re/Preview

I’m happy with this week’s running:

dailymile training for 2/18/2013 to 2/24/2013

  • Monday I got to run 5 miles. It was the President’s Day holiday, my mom was out with Alex in her stroller.
  • On Thursday I did a quick 3.2 miles
  • Friday I ran 9.56 miles (Another postpartum distance milestone!)

All of that was good. I really need to do more cross-training and some strength-training. But it’s still hard sometimes to fit things in with work time and mom time! I’ll figure it out somehow!

This week also marked some pretty big milestones for me as a parent. First, we had Alex’s first swim class. Yes, that’s a big milestone for her… but it was the first time I went out somewhere with her on my own. I had to deal with changing both of us out of a bathing suit in a tiny locker room. I know that it seems like a little thing, yet it was significant to me.


I also went grocery shopping with her on my own for the first time. I’ve always relied on Kevin to go with me since we had her. But this time I just strapped her onto me in the Ergo and we did the shopping. Another seemingly small thing, but it was important to me.

The baby turned 6-months-old this weekend. The pediatrician told me that he likes to have exclusively breastfed babies wait until 6-months to start solids. So I can start her on solids at any point now… she has a doctor appointment on Wednesday morning, so I can double-check with her doctor about starting that. I’m a nervous-nelly first-time parent and it makes my head spin to think about feeding her solids. There are so many “rules” listed online, many of which contradict each other. I guess that’s how parenting in this online, social-media era is!


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