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Recently I downloaded the app Juice. It’s billed as the “World’s Funnest Energy Tracker”. It’s the only energy tracker I’ve used, so I can’t necessarily vouch if it is truly the funnest one in the world… but it’s a cute little app. Each day you track your overall energy each day and several different areas that would affect it; sleep, exercise, nutrition, etc. After a week it gives you a report that shows your overall average ranking for each area and other graphs that correlate each area to your energy. I noticed that on days I ran my energy and mood were higher.

Juice app screenshot Juice app screenshot Juice app screenshot

Each week you use it you earn points which can be redeemed to unlock another area to track. I just barely unlocked the stress tracker. Since I didn’t have any data to track for that in last week’s report, it automatically shows it as “awful”.  It’s a free app.

Another thing that makes me smile this week is my new Race-Kred bead on my shoelaces. You can get a bead for whatever distance you’ve accomplished and want to celebrate. They spelled “Kred” with a K because many race distances are measured in kilometers. It’s extremely lightweight, I don’t even noticed it on my shoe while I’m running, but it sure gave me a happy feeling as I was lacing up my shoes to head out for a run. Kred is available from 5K up to 100 milers and iron-distance triathlons. Just remember to move it to your next pair of shoes when you retire a pair!

Race Kred

Race Kred on shoe

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