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This week I’ve felt kind of down; bummed out and in a funk.  As the week progressed and one of the buzzing topics on Twitter was centered around the upcoming PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona races, I started to realize that was part of the reason for my sad mindset.

This will mark the one-year anniversary since I faceplanted in the 2009 marathon there, earning my first DNF.  As the day got closer and this week progressed, I started to feel more and more like I’d failed in some way… I haven’t done another marathon to “redeem” myself for that perceived “failure” and I don’t have another one on the immediate horizon.  I was discussing this with someone and she reminded me that I’ve done a lot of things throughout this past year, things that have been really good for me and how I’m continuing to work on improving myself.  I said, “I just feel like I haven’t done anything big!”

Her reminder to me was, “Perhaps you need to make more small goals then and be certain to celebrate those moments.  Because those small goals are the things that get you to the big goals.”

I would like to challenge all of us to try and embrace this approach; in running AND in our everyday life.  Even if we are working on a big goal, making the steps that lead to the big one tasks on our list and celebrating when we check them off can provide a lot of fulfillment. It may seem goofy, but it does provide positive reinforcement. (Ever been around a two-year-old? The child, the parents and others around celebrate each of their little achievements. “You picked that toy up! Good job!” “You went potty in the toilet! Good job!” It’s a proven method for bolstering their confidence and reinforcing the good behavior.)

I’m not necessarily saying that you have to cheer out loud and dance (but if that makes you happy, go for it!), just remember to give yourself credit for the small steps along the journey. After all, that’s really what running is… one step at a time to propel yourself forward.

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And here’s a pic of a stormy day here in Vegas this week. I managed to slip out for a run shortly after a small downpour, I love that fresh and clean feeling that immediately follows rain.
Post Rain Clouds


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