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Hmm… that’s a nice title, huh? But that’s really all this post is, just short chunks of random things on my mind.

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Relay
Did you hear that a 4-person relay component has been added to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego? I was already 99% sure that I would be at the race anyway to cheer my friends on while they run the course. And while I’m not prepped to run a marathon, the idea of the relay sounds fun!

Good Idea, Bad Idea
Good idea: running without my knee straps for a 4-mile run wearing compression tights.
Bad idea: running without my knee straps for a 3.2-mile run wearing shorts.

I was so excited to wear shorts out running, but apparently I need some level of support for my knees. While the compression tights were specifically engineered to help support the joint, the shorts left my knees free and open to the world. Thus, my joints kind of hurt at the end of the run today. Bummer… guess it’s back to the straps.

Run Happy Place
Have you entered the contest Brooks is holding where you can win your own ‘Run Happy Place’ an entire structure that would be constructed in your hard devoted to running. It comes complete with treadmill, TV, water, tunes… I could go for that! So maybe I shouldn’t be telling you to enter because you’ll take away my chances! 😉 But I’m definitely “running happier” thanks to Brooks and my new Adrenalines.

Running Music
Just found this site, haven’t downloaded anything yet but I may give it a try. Have any of you checked out Motion Traxx?

Food is Fuel
Another site that I stumbled across: Go Faster Food… Food for Runners – Food for Athletes


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