It’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll World

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The Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas web site is up and registration is now open. The site is different from most of the other events in the RNR series, but maybe that’s just an interim thing. I can’t wait to see what the course is like later this year once there are bands along the way, I think they should get some Vegas acts to perform. Don’t you think it would be cool to have a Blue Man Group stretch or some of those celebrity impersonators? But a Cirque du Soleil segment might not be good, if runners are watching crazy contortionist acts they may get distracted and fall down during the race! No matter what, it should bring a much needed infusion of energy to the race.

And it looks like Competitor Group has secured the Denver Marathon, so in 2010 there will probably be a Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll.

My brother lives in Denver (well, his home is there… he lives in Korea right now but he’ll probably be back in Denver someday!) I think I may have to hit that race up once it’s officially a Rock ‘n’ Roll. I can visit him AND get in a race, best of both worlds.


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