Rest Day

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I have a long run of 12 miles tomorrow. Today was a rest day, but I still wanted to record my push-ups. I really should go to bed. We’re meeting as our TNT group at 4:45 AM at a park WAY WAY WAY on the other side of town. 37 miles away from my house according to Google Maps. That means I have to wake up really early to get ready and drive there!

Hundred Push-Up Challenge:
Week 5, Day 3: 12, 12, 12, 12, 10, 10, 9, 30 = 107
Okay, so I did all of the required push-ups for this day, but barely… I’ll still do the next exhaustion test on Sunday, but on Monday I am going to repeat this week AGAIN. I’m not happy with where I stand so far and need to feel stronger before I move on to Week 6.

Good night, sleep tight!

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