Week in Re/Preview

This past week I ran a couple of times. I hiked once. I went on a walk. I did prenatal yoga several times. I did some strength training… All things I’m very proud of considering how crappy I felt just a few weeks ago.

I participated in my friend Charlene’s virtual race, FAB Running Virtual Celebration Event on Saturday.  At the conclusion of my run I instagramed this picture with the following caption: Funny how my perspective changes & I’m really proud of 2.5 miles. #pregnancy
Saturday run

And you know what… it’s really true.  A while ago I would have looked at 2.5 miles as “only” 2.5 miles, like I was weak.  But running during my first trimester didn’t really happen much, I felt like such garbage.  So now that I’m out running again (and I’m purposely taking to slower and easier) I feel such gratitude.  Even more so than starting to run again after the stress fracture.  With that I just assumed I would build up speed again and I would be racing in no time.  Right now, I know I’m probably going to slow down even more and then I’ll have a whole new obstacle to getting in running after the baby arrives.  So I’m just marveling at each run that I am still going.  In fact, that’s the message on my race bib from the FAB-O Virtual Run.
Bib from FAB-O Run 2012

For the upcoming week? I don’t know… Still trying not to build up schedules that are super strict. It’s supposed to be pretty windy this week and I don’t like running in strong winds, especially when I feel like my I’m losing my sense of balance even more. (And I’m always losing my balance, I have never been graceful but that’s something that started when I got to a really low weight with my eating disorder. Even with gaining weight back, I still find that I get dizzy or off-balance easier than I’d like.)

So I’ll run. I’ll do some yoga. I’ll do some strength training. I’ll walk… I’m just appreciating movement.

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