Review: Gatorade G Series Fit

For some odd reason, my slightly sarcastic review of the Gatorade G Series is one of the more popular posts on this site. It brings in A LOT of search engine traffic. It’s also brought in some snide, rude and flat-out mean comments. The ones that are completely off-base have been deleted, this is my site and my prerogative. But the others just seemed kind of goofy. But just like that review, this one comes from my own interest in BUYING and REVIEWING something. I did not receive compensation from Gatorade, like many people on that other post have figured.

G-Series Fit

The new Gatorade G Series Fit plays on the 3 step program they introduced with the G Series, but with a calorie reduced version for those who want to watch their food intake. Let’s break it down by each step.

1. Prime

Instead of being a liquid (like the other version) this comes in little blocks of solid food. Each block is 50 calories, so you can eat as many or as few as you’d like (or need) to fuel your workout. The ingredient list sounded fairly decent, items like almond butter and cranberries and pistachios.

I laugh at the Gatorade site that says this step contains “no mess”. True, the little blocks are not that messy… but the packaging creates a lot of garbage. There’s the outer cardboard, each block is in a separate little plastic tray and then within that tray the blocks have a layer of white wrapping on them.

G Series Fit Prime G Series Fit Prime

They looked tasty enough once unwrapped though, but the taste… it was not good. 😦

I have a palate for things that others might think taste “too healthy.” I like things like greens powders and plain shredded wheat and such. But these tasted like they were trying to make something that had a “too healthy” taste. And they tasted a lot like protein powder.

My husband tasted one before his daily P90x workout and said they were not good, like a “Larabar experiment gone wrong.”

2. Perform

I tried the Mango Passionfruit flavor and it was okay. Nothing exceptional, but it wasn’t bad either. This drink has electrolytes like other items in the Gatorade lineup, but only 10 calories per 8 ounce serving. So this could be a good option for people who aren’t looking to get their calories from their drink (either due to lower exercise intensity or to consuming calories from other sources during exercise.)

I did find the taste less satisfying after it started to get warm though.

3. Recover

This surprised me because it was actually my favorite part of it. Since the protein component comes from whey protein I wasn’t planning to drink the whole thing, just take a small sip and move on. (I don’t consume whey protein because I don’t eat/drink milk or milk-derivative products.) But I packed this with me for use after our 9 miler with Team Challenge and I actually found myself sipping on it several times… enough that I actually ended up drinking the entire serving.

The 11 ounce container has 120 calories, 14 grams carbohydrate and 12 grams protein. (I think you would probably need another carbohydrate snack to have a good carb:protein ratio for recovery.)

I bought the Mango Pineapple flavor, which I enjoyed.  The texture didn’t seem strange like the previous series that I tried.

Will I buy the series again?

I hated the first part, I won’t usually drink the whey that’s in the last part… I might consider the Perform step if I was doing something and felt like I needed electrolytes, but that’s only if my regular considerations weren’t available to me.

Again, just to make it perfectly clear, nobody gave this to me for free or review. It just intrigued me… I bought it with my own money at a Walgreens.


  1. I tried the prime square things too. I thought they were a weak attempt at wafer cookies–very bland. I could choke them down just fine though. I haven’t tried the new perform or recover. Unlike you, I actually like the Gatorade recovery–the lemon orange flavor. I prefer it to chocolate or vanilla recovery drinks. Unlike other fruity recovery drinks, I couldn’t taste the protein, which was a plus.

    • My husband choked them down… I spit the prime block back out! I was kind of surprised at how opposite my reactions to the different recovery products were. I really did like this Fit version!

  2. I saw those prime things at the store the other day. The first thing I thought was-
    Wow that is a lot of packaging for such a little product. Glad to hear I’m not missing anything!

  3. So maybe the Other Prime (from the G series) then any of the perform, but this recovery if you’re looking for taste?

    I appreciate your reviews – they’re unbiased, informative, and funny. 🙂 Thanks, Jill!

  4. Yes, exactly!

    Thank you! I enjoy writing them that way… and when I’ve had companies kind of ask me to write things in a specific way I’m usually thinking, “What? Have you read my site? Why did you want me to review your product if you didn’t want ME to review it!”

  5. i haven’t even heard of this version… i would definitely try the “recover” piece if they made a non-dairy version!

    (disclaimer: i also do not do dairy)

  6. Hey, I play rugby and over the summer have lots of tournaments with up to 5 games in one day. Do you think this would be a good product to buy to keep my performance up. Or do you know of a better/cheaper way to keep up energy and performance.

    • If you are getting in calories throughout the day, this would probably be a good source of electrolytes to help your performance. But honestly, regular ol’ Gatorade is cheaper. I was it at a local grocery store on special for $.59 a bottle if you purchased 10 bottles. That’s a screaming deal. You can always use easily digestible carbs to keep your energy up, but if you’re doing any kind of prolonged physical activity in heat, you need electrolytes!

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