Running Updates

My running was pretty sporadic during the holidays, but the first full week of the new year was pretty good.  I ran at least 1 mile every day (1 mile with JadeTheBoxer) and figured out a training schedule that I think will work better for me for a while.

I tend to operate pretty well on 4 days a week of real running (my daily 1-milers don’t really count in this!) but lately my week day schedule feels pretty full.  So after looking at it, I decided I would run two weekdays and run both weekend days.  That’s what I did this past week and it worked pretty well.  Hopefully that pattern can hold me for a while!

On one of my weekday runs last week I came across this:
Things Found While Running

It seemed pretty random, I almost wish I knew the story behind how it got there.  Of course, the real story is probably nowhere near as good as something I can invent.  So here goes:

“A rock star got lost on his way to The Strip for a concert, somehow driving around inside my gated neighborhood. He pulled over to look at his GPS, right next to my neighbor’s fence.  The neighbor’s annoying yapping dogs were barking like crazy, as they always do, so finally he couldn’t take it anymore and threw his guitar at them.  It bounced off the gate, hit the sidewalk and broke.”

Saturday I ran with two friends to GPS a new half marathon course.  On April 9 the inaugural Summerlin Half Marathon will be held here in Las Vegas, so we were carrying a GPS to get a good course map.  Of course, we’re going to have to run it again this upcoming Saturday so we can redo the GPS, there were a couple quirky spots that would be marked in an official course, but we had to figure out how those would be done while actually running… so our map got a little off.

The course is a great one, it is kind of hilly though.  The cool thing is that it alternates between running city streets and running on some of the paved trails that are built throughout the area.  The course is always pretty, has some cool views of The Strip but presents a completely different side of Las Vegas than what most people think about when VEGAS!!!! pops into their mind.

I’m going to take a camera with me next weekend, so we can get photos of the course.  But here’s one that I snapped with my iPhone.  It turned out pretty good, considering I couldn’t see the screen at all! 🙂

Summerlin Half

Hope you had a good weekend, whether you ran or not!


  1. Hey, Jill! I know this is WAY in advance, but I’m going to be producing an event for my client in Vegas this April… I’ll probably be there April 7-14th (give or take an extra day on the front-end). I would love to go for a run or two with a Vegas buddy, especially up and down the strip! No idea what my schedule is going to be (probably will be working 15+ hour days, but there should be a couple breaks). Just wanted to let you know!

    Hope you’re having a great week.

  2. “A family was playing The Beatles Rock Band at the annual Christmas Party and the guitar player kept getting 46% so finally she couldn’t take it anymore and threw her guitar. It bounced off the gate, hit the sidewalk and broke.”

  3. You are always doing such cool stuff like mapping out half-marathon courses! I love reading about it, it adds some vicarious excitement to my life 🙂 LOL to your story about the random guitar. As a Who fan, I’d like to think maybe some budding musician just discovered Pete Townshend and was trying out his best imitation…

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