Monday Motivation

Having new music is one of those things that can really inspire me to head out for a run. Sometimes if I buy a new album or some fun new songs and promise myself I get to put them into a playlist for the next day’s run, I have so much anticipation for the next day’s outing that there is NO WAY I would skip my run.

Music is proven to be beneficial for athletes as well, so why not use it to drag yourself out the door? Here are some of the ways that music can help when you are running:

  1. Music reduces your perception of how hard you are working.
  2. Music can improve your mood, lifting you out of a funk.
  3. Music can help set/keep your pace.

Here’s a link to an article on Music and Athletic Performance that is pretty interesting.

In London they have a half-marathon, called “Run To The Beat“, where bands are playing along the course. But taking it a step further than just having a random band playing whatever they want, the music has been scientifically selected to help optimize the runner’s performance. That sounds like an amazing concept, something that I wish could be implemented into the Rock ‘n’ Roll series here in the States. (Of course, flying to London to do a race would be a huge motivator too!)

There are always the pre-cautionary measures that should be taken when running with music. I think using headphones that block too much of the outside world are awesome on a plane, but don’t belong on the runner. I usually just use one of my earbuds to help make sure I’m more aware of the world around (and possible incoming attacks from dogs!).

I have been buying a lot of music from Amazon MP3 lately. They are pretty cheap, the music is already in an MP3 format so it works on a wide variety of devices and they feature daily deals where albums are offered for $1 or $2. That’s a smokin’ deal!

Some of the songs I’ve enjoyed running to lately:
Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects
I Don’t Care by Fall Out boy
Paper Planes by MIA
Sweeney Todd Motion Picture Soundtrack

What about you? Gotta any songs that pump you up?


  1. Lately, I’ve been listening to “25 miles,” “My life would suck without you” – kelly clarkson, “i run for life” – melissa ethridge…

    I may add more when I get home and see my ipod. I love new music so I hope you get tons of comments!

  2. Just don’t accidentally put Carrie Underwood – Just a dream on your running playlist like I did yesterday. Dang that song tugs at the heart strings!

    Like Carlee, I added the new Kelly Clarkson song which works and the new one from Lady GaGa – Just dance. Recommend that one as well.

  3. Okay, Sweeney Todd rocks. Lately I’ve been into Aqua. I don’t know why but their techno tunes really keep me going. Otherwise I have a range of music – I like the Altar Boyz soundtrack too – a few of the songs at least.

    I haven’t really run with music in a long time though. The ear buds hurt my ears and I tend to lose concentration on my running when I do. But sometimes I just need it.

    I would love to go to London though. *sigh*

  4. Carlee: Kelly Clarkson has some great tunes for running, they just seem to pump you up easily!

    Chris: Lady GaGa…. that’s a good one.

    moe: Sweeney Todd is a kind of weird running choice, but I love it. And I LOVE Aqua… seriously, it’s kind of silly to admit but they have some great stuff!

  5. i don’t run with music but i was jamming out to “let it rock” by kevin rudolph and a remix to “put on” by t.i. before my disney races. i also like songs by rihanna to get pumped up to. anything with a good beat gets my booty shaking which is actually not a good thing 😉

  6. Great post. I know a lot of runners don’t like running with music, but I do….I mix my music up with podcasts….that Run to the Beat race sounds awesome…. I have some of my favorite running music on my blog, but lately Viva La Vida by Coldplay has been my favorite…

  7. Lindsay: Rihanna is good running music. She gets my booty shaking too!

    Dan: I love Coldplay’s latest.

    Another group I’ve been loving lately… The Ting Ting’s. They have fun beats for running. Especially “Shut up and Let Me Go”!

  8. Right now, Forever by Chris Brown is one of my favorite go-tos, and Precious by Depeche Mode. I know, weird combo!

    I totally think music is the one thing that works for me for running and so much more. It can really help set a mood, and it’s helped me to get writing this past weekend on the book/novel I was talking about on my blog the other day.

    But I admit, I keep music in both ears!


  9. Crikey–I wish I saw this post earlier!
    We’ve since released our first song specifically for running, called “How To Turn Around A Bad Day” ( It’s 30 minutes long, high-intensity and available in a range of speeds to sync to each runner’s stride rate. We’ve been getting a very positive response, and folks are saying it’s helping them run faster. Check it out!

    I’m intrigued by the Sweeney Todd choice, too. I’m gonna have to give that a crack.

    Thanks a lot for citing our Music and Athletic Performance article–appreciate it!

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