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Under Armour Endure Sports Bra

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently received the Under Armour Endure Sports Bra to try. I’m usually one that just buys my sports bras from Target, I know I should take care of the girls a little better than that… but Target is so cheap and easy!

Zensah Seamless Running Bra

Reading Time: 2 minutes Zensah sent me one of their Seamless Running Bras recently and I have to say… THANK YOU! This bra really rocks!  The material is soft and smooth.  It is comfy and doesn’t pull in strange ways at all.  I’m going to ask the


Reading Time: 1 minute We’re under an “excessive heat warning” here in Vegas right now. (Usually issued whenever temperatures top 110°.) Combining the high heat with an injury prevention clinic tonight, the Tuesday evening run with friends wasn’t going to happen today. And since I was so